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Laser Machines


By using laser, these machines can form a circuit directly into transparent conductive films, extraction electrodes, etc. in functional films that are used on touch screen panels.
We offer a reduction in manufacturing cost and flexibility through a web process.

Special Features

High process adaptability by matching with multiple wavelengths

Selectable wavelength from Ultraviolet light 355 nm or visible light 532 nm or near-infrared light 1064 nm
Focusing on development applications, wavelength selection can be tailored according to work absorption

Homogeneous processing by high-speed control of the laser pulse

Stabilization of the pulse energy and pulse interval using constant velocity control

Fast emission through its own fast pulse control

Reduction of thermal effect due to the short pulse width

Emission of pulse with a width of 10 nsec is possible through a compact YVO4 laser. Thermal effect is reduced, and damage to the substrate is controlled

High precision patterning in 200mm x 200mm area

High precision positioning by digital encoder type galvanometer scanner
Optical aberrations due to three-dimensional control is eliminated, and performs well in both large scan areas and small spots

Laser oscillator Diode pumped Nd:YVO4 Laser
Laser wavelength 1064nm、532nm or 355nmc
Can support work from 50mm x 50mm ~ 300mm x 300mm
Size of equipment W 1,500mm × L 1,200mm × H 2,300mm
Scanning speed Max、41000mm/s
Beam profile Circle or Square
Laser oscillator Diode pumped Nd:YVO4 Laser
Diode pumped Yb:Fiber Laser
Laser wavelength 1064nm、532nm or 355nm
Can support work up to ~G5
Size of equipment W 4,000mm x L 4,000mm x H 2,400mm
Positioning accuracy
Scanning speed Max、1000mm/s
Number of beam heads ~ 12 Heads

Examples of processing and implementation

Transparent electrode: ITO thin film patterning
Processing line width: 20 µm
Extraction electrode: Silver (Ag)-paste patterning
Processing line width: 25 µm

Examples of application

Laser patterning of various electrodes on glass film substrates and base materials

ITO, silver nanowires, conductive paste electrodes such as silver paste and transparent conductive films of CNT

Transparent conductive film
(Electrostatic capacitance type touch panel)
Silver paste extraction electrode of electrostatic capacitance type touch panel

Film laser cutting

High quality processing that reduces the heat effect in many film materials has become possible.

COP Film
TAC Film
PET Film

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