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Applied Physics Technologies, Inc.

Corporate Profile

Applied Physics Technologies, Inc.

Address: 1600 NE Miller Street, McMinnville, Oregon 97128 USA
Business Profile: Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Electron Sources
Founded: 1995

Applied Physics Technologies, incorporated in 1995 by William Mackie, Ph.D. and Gary Cabe, is an outgrowth of research conducted for over two decades at Linfield Research Institute on transition metal carbides, thermionic and field electron sources. Increasing demand for these products by the industry, government and academic researchers led to the formation of APTech.
As a spin-off from Linfield Research Institute (*LRI), APTech upholds a heritage of leadership in field emission research dating to the post-WWII era. APTech's greatest appeal is its high development and technological capabilities. APTech's key strength is its ability to design and manufacture a variety of specifications, including single-crystal tip and electron source assembly.
Five decades of on-going field emission research from LRI has spawned a community of notable surface scientists and commercial enterprises in McMinnville and the broader Portland, Oregon, area. APTech maintains close ties to the other members of this community, working together to further advance the science of electron emission and the technology of electron sources.

* LRI: Founded by Walter Dyke in 1955 to focus on field emission technology


  • A High-Quality Single Crystal
    APTech manufactures high-purity electron sources.
    Customers adopt them as core technologies for a variety of products.
  • Electron Source Development Capability from Abundant Experiences and Know-hows
    APTech can meet various requirements from customers (Customization Available)


  • Electron Microscope and Surface Analyzer
  • Electron Beam Metal 3D Printer
  • X-Ray Tube


  • APTech has transactions with major SEM and analysis equipment manufacturers in Japan, Europe and the United States, and supply cathodes to Electron Beam Metal 3D Printer manufacturers.


  • Single Crystal Growth of Refractory Metals, Borides and Transition Metals Carbides
  • Assembly and Processing Technology: Welding Single Crystals and Electro-Chemical Etching.
  • Meeting Customer's Requests
    • Cone Angle
    • Truncation (Flat Surface of Single Crystal Apex)
    • W Single Crystal Dimension

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Zone Refining Machine
    A metal single crystal is manufactured using a zone
    refining equipment developed in-house.
  • High Melting Point Metals
    APTech's machine can manufacture high melting point metals.
  • In-house Process
    All processes are handled in-house.
Assembly Room
Assembly Room


  • Emission Testing
    Conducting and inspecting the emission testing in order to maintain, control, and guarantee product quality.
  • Quality Enhancement Activities
    APTech is continuously carrying out quality improvement with our partners.

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From Inquiry to Delivery

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