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Actual Performance Management and Analysis System CyberBridge

Actual Performance Management and Analysis System CyberBridge

Process data collection and management system, CyberBridge is a system that collects and accumulates the process data, alarm data and logging data of Hitachi total instrumental system EX series and other companies’ control systems and performs result management and analysis. It also plays the role as a basic section (process database) for the application of various solution packages of CyberPlant.


Outline of functions of CyberBridge

  • Can organize long term operation data into the database just by designating process data or logging data to be collected and accumulated.
  • The stored data in the process database can be read from Excel to print or analyze. Also has functions to refer to and set the instantaneous data and to display the data trend.
  • The system can be constructed using a dedicated screen.

CyberBridge Package

Display trends

Display the trend of accumulated processing data

  • Trends of advanced functions such as trend enlarging, data, amplification and displaying data at cursor positions
  • Display trend-related alarm data
  • Image and trend data can easily be pasted into EXCEL

Display and accumulate the batch trend

Applicable for batch plant trend display and analysis

  • Acquire processing data and display trend taking a batch as a unit
  • Superpose the display trend while adjusting several historical trends simultaneously
  • Display the trend of the target and mean values simultaneously

Display and analyze alarms

Display and analyze alarm data on a multi-level basis

  • Display processing and operate guide and verify alarm information already set
  • Display and analyze alarms on a multi-level basis in charts such as time series, balance chart and statistics
  • Paste alarm data to EXCEL

Make reports

Make simple reports and output daily and batch reports

  • Use EXCEL to make simple reports
  • Print and output files by deadline and event
  • Input notes and maintenance data
  • Paste ticket data to EXCEL

Connect it to EXCEL

Directly output processing data to EXCEL

  • Connected directly to the EXCEL menu
  • Data can easily be pasted into EXCEL
  • Rich search functions such as date range and snap

Display simple charts

Intuitively monitor processing with chart display


* Image files are bitmap files (*.bmp).

  • Monitor the processing state at an office separated from the apparatus room
  • Use software to construct a monitoring screen through created image files
  • Paste the monitoring screen to EXCEL

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