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HINL200A Series Digital Alarm Setter

HINL200A Series Digital Alarm Setter

HINL 220VAS-2A/220VAS-4A digital alarm setter

The alarms receive 4-20mA DC/1-5V DC analog signals, compare them with the signals set in the units, and output alarm signals from up to 2-points/4-points isolated relay contact points.


Equipped with a variety of alarm functions

  • 2-point alarm (c contact) Output: Operation / Common is both independent
  • 4-point alarm (a contact) Output: Operation is independent, common shares with two-point
  • Equipped with individual output alarm LED (can be equipped up to four)
  • Alarm action with lag time function
  • Alarm output with standby operation function, etc.

Easy to use

  • Simple operation (operations frequently used such as "alarm setting/ changes" can be easily operated)
  • Can be used even in areas where name tags are worn
  • Function part is in Japanese (English display is also an option)
  • The main display unit has an automatic off function
  • Equipped with SET / LOCK hard switch to prevent accidental operation of parameters

High precision setting of ± 0.1% FS

Plug-in structure (can be both used in DIN rail mounting, and wall mounting)


HINL 220VAS-2A / 220VAS-4A type Product Specification
Item220VAS-2A (Two point output type)220VAS-4A (Four point output type)
Input 1-5V DC/4-20mA DC (switch selectable)
Input points 1-point
Output points 2-points 4-points
Contact rating Switching voltage: 250V AC, 120V DC
Switching current: 1A
Contact capacity: 120VA AC, 30W DC
Contact type SPDT (c contact point) SPST (a contact point)
Accuracy of alarm setting ±(0.1%FS+1digit)
Relay coil operation Normal time magnetic excitation (EE) / Normal time non-excited state (EO) can be selected (common to all alarms)
Maximum hysteresis error 0.5-100.0%(0.5% interval)
Alarm ON / OFF lag
0-999 seconds (one second interval)
Alarm readiness timer
when equipment is turned on
0-180 seconds (one second interval)
Auto-off 0-60 minutes (one second interval)
Isolation With interconnection among Input -
Output 1 - Output 2 - Power
With interconnection among Input - Output
1,2 - Output 3,4 - Power
Withstand voltage Input / Output / Between each mutual power supply: 2000V AC/ minute
Insulation resistance Between each terminal and ground terminal: 100MΩ / 500V DC
  • Main display: 7-segment LED (red) 4-digit 2-stage
  • Alarm output display section: LED (yellow) two
  • Power display unit: LED (green) one
  • Main display: 7-segment LED (red) 4-digit 2-stage
  • Alarm output display section: LED (yellow) four
  • Power display unit: LED (green) one
Power 85 - 132V AC/DC 50 / 60Hz or 24V DC (please specify when ordering)
Power consumption 4.0 VA (100V AC drive) 3.0VA (100V AC drive)
2.4W(24V DC drive) 1.5W (24V DC drive)

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