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Microwave ECR Plasma Etch Chamber

Hitachi High-Tech's plasma chamber for conductor etch is based on an an ECR(Electron Cyclotron Resonance) plasma source, able to generate a stable high-density plasma at very low pressure (< 0.1 Pa).
Microwave ECR plasma provides a wide process window in both R & D and mass production through accurate plasma parameter management, such as plasma distribution or plasma position control.
The same plasma control technology is also applied to dry cleaning to maintain a more stable chamber condition.


Exceptional ECR Plasma source

  • Ultra-Low Pressure & Highest Density Plasma
  • High Aspect Ratio Chamber
  • Plasma distribution & height control

CD Uniformity & Yield Enhancement

  • True symmetrical chamber design
  • Advanced temperature control electrode
  • Advanced chamber materials
  • Ion and radical control


  • Quick Exchange Chamber Parts
  • APC(Advanced Process Control)


  • Shallow Trench Isolation(Hard Mask, Si Trench)
  • Gate electrode(Hard Mask, PolySi, Side Wall, High-k, Metal) Multi Patterning
  • Self-Align Contact and Interconnect ( Metal etch back, Metal Hard Mask, Dual damascene trench)

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