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Notice of Termination of Support for EXSTAR6000 Series Thermal Analyzers

March 22, 2018

Please accept our sincere appreciation for using thermal analyzer(s) manufactured by Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation (formerly SII NanoTechnology Inc. or SIINT).

While we make significant efforts to prolong the lifetime of our instruments and ensure that our customers get optimum value for their purchase, increases in prices and a lack of availability for spare parts have made it difficult for us to continue the support for the EXSTAR6000 product line.

We have provided parts and maintenance support for the EXSTAR6000 line for over 20 years. However, due to the aforementioned reasons, maintenance support and part sales for this series will be terminated as of November 2019 (February 2020 for the DMS6100).

If you need a replacement, please consider our latest lineup of thermal analyzers. Our latest models feature better sensitivity than the EXSTAR6000 line, and support measurement techniques not possible with earlier models. Contact your local Hitachi sales representative to receive information about the current selections of Hitachi thermal analyzers.

Modules Models Parts availability deadline
Differential Scanning Calorimeter - DSC6100 November 2019
DSC6200 November 2019
DSC6220 November 2019
DSC6300 November 2019
Thermogravimetry/Differential Thermal Analyzer
(Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer)
- TG/DTA6200 November 2019
TG/DTA6300 November 2019
Dynamic Load Thermomechanical Analyzer
(Thermomechanical Analyzer)
- TMA/SS6100 November 2019
TMA/SS6200 November 2019
TMA/SS6300 November 2019
Dynamic Mechanical Spectrometer
(Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer)
- DMS6100 February 2020