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Hitachi High-Tech in Europe
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SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes)

Standard and Variable-Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM & VP-SEM) with innovative electron optics and signal detection systems affording unparalleled imaging and analytical performance


Scanning Electron Microscopes SU3800/SU3900

Hitachi High-Tech's scanning electron microscopes SU3800/SU3900 deliver both operability and expandability. The operator can automate many operations and efficiently utilize their high performance. The SU3900 is equipped with a large multipurpose specimen chamber to accommodate observation of large samples.


Scanning Electron Microscope FlexSEM 1000 II

FlexSEM 1000 II employs thermionic electron source and achieves resolution of 4.0nm with its compact design ready for desktop setup. Low vacuum mode allows rapid observation of insufficiently conductive samples without metal coating to prevent charging. Optional Ultra Variable pressure Detector (UVD) enhance surface imaging capability of samples under low vacuum environment.