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Hitachi High-Tech in America

The First Hitachi High Technologies America Electron Microscopy Annual Fellowship for Clemson University Awarded

Clemson, South Carolina, October 21, 2014 - Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (HTA) has awarded $20,000 to the first recipient of the Hitachi High Technologies America Electron Microscopy Annual Fellowship, available to College of Engineering and Science graduate students at Clemson University who use electron microscopy in their studies. HTA has pledged $100,000 over five years to the fellowship with an option to extend the program.
The fellowship is worth $20,000 to each recipient, and the money comes with no restrictions. The fellowship has extended HTA's long-standing STEM Outreach effort from K-12 to higher education.

For further details of the fellowship for Clemson University College of Engineering and Science, see the Media Release from Clemson University: (open in new window)

For information about HTA's STEM Outreach program, visit (open in new window).