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Hitachi High-Tech in America

Hitachi High-Technologies' Stock Purchase (Subsidiary Acquisition) and Business Acquisition of Part of the Oxford Instruments plc Group and Overview of the New Company

Tokyo, Japan, July 4, 2017 – Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (TSE: 8036, Hitachi High-Tech) announced today that, as noted in the April 26, 2017 news release titled "Hitachi High-Technologies Enters Into an Agreement on the Stock Purchase (Subsidiary Acquisition) and Business Acquisition of Part of the Industrial Precision Instruments Business of the Oxford Instruments plc Group," it completed on July 3 the purchase of the stock of subsidiaries of Oxford Instruments plc of the U.K. (Headquarters: Oxfordshire, U.K.; Chief Executive: Ian Barkshire; OI) and the acquisition of business from the OI subsidiaries engaged in atomic spectroscopy product businesses (X-ray fluorescence analyzers, magnetic induction measurement instruments (contact gauges), laser induced breakdown spectrometers, optical emission spectrometers) (hereinafter, the "targeted business").

Purchase of the OI stock and acquisition of business adds five former OI subsidiaries in the U.K., Germany, Finland, China and the United States to the Hitachi High-Tech Group and targeted businesses in Singapore and India have been transferred to two companies in the Hitachi High-Tech Group. Hitachi High-Tech has strengths in benchtop atomic spectroscopy product models. Through the acquisition of the targeted business, Hitachi High-Tech will bolster its product lineup by adding OI' s handheld atomic spectroscopy product models, where OI is strong. This will enable Hitachi High-Tech to address customer needs by supporting various sample types and measurement settings. In addition, Hitachi High-Tech will incorporate the sales network established by OI worldwide into its organization, enabling it to strengthen its sales and service network further.

Under its mid-term management strategy of aiming to become a global player in scientific equipment by 2020, Hitachi High-Tech will consistently aim to "be Global Top in high-tech solutions," and respond swiftly to the needs of customers and markets, working from the customer' s perspective as a fast-moving creator of cutting-edge businesses.

Outline of Subsidiaries and Targeted Business*1

Outline of Subsidiaries and Targeted Business*1
Country Old Company Name New Company Name
U.K. Materials Analysis Limited Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Ltd.
(Representative:Dawn Brooks)
Germany Oxford Instruments Analytical GmbH Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science GmbH
(Representative:Dawn Brooks)
Finland Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis Oy Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Finland Oy
(Representative:Dawn Brooks)
China Oxford Instruments (Shanghai) Co. Limited Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Shanghai Co., Limited
*Chinese Company Name:日立分析仪器(上海)有限公司
(Representative:Dawn Brooks)
U.S. Baker Avenue Services Inc. Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science America, Inc.
(Representative:Gregory Rigby)
Official company names for each company will be decided following approval by government authorities in each country.


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