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Please join us for our free webinar, "New Hitachi Regulus Cold Source FE-SEM—Resolution, Stability, and Power," presented by Eric Miller. Registration is required.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 2 PM EDT (approx. 40 min. long)

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The Regulus series SEMs are equipped with upgraded electronics and software which enhance the overall stability of the microscope. The guaranteed resolution has been improved from 1.1 nm in older generation systems to 0.9 nm, and the maximum magnification has doubled from 1 million X to 2 million X. In the world of Ultra-High Resolution SEMs, a little bit of stability goes a long way.


The Regulus series of SEMs offer a wide array of imaging solutions from normal, in-chamber SE to BF- and DF-STEM, to our patented ExB filtering technology which enables elemental contrast information with high spatial resolution.


With such an advanced array of imaging tools and options, our enhanced GUI can actively assist in maximizing the instrument's performance by choosing the microscope conditions and options that will allow the user to obtain the specific type of image information required from the sample.


The sophisticated GUI will give you service reminders and suggestions based on the current operating status of the instrument.


The Regulus capabilities can be further expanded with our 2 correlative microscopy solutions: MirrorCLEM (for Light Microscope/SEM colocalization) and SᴁMIC (for AFM/SEM colocalization).


Eric Miller
Eric Miller

Eric Miller is a graduate of the San Joaquin Delta School of Microscopy in Stockton, California. He has worked in the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley and at prestigious universities such as Washington State University and Northwestern University. He is currently the SEM Product Specialist for the Nanotechnology Systems Division of Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.