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The EDFAS Virtual Event is a conference for semiconductor and failure analysis professionals. Innovation, high-throughput, synergy, and reliability are words synonymous with the ever-evolving world of semiconductor technologies and failure analysis. As chipmakers become more reliant on failure-analysis techniques to push technology boundaries, they can look to Hitachi’s extensive product line-up with multifaceted capabilities to address the needs of tomorrow. From sample preparation to fault examination and critical dimension analysis, Hitachi offers synergistic solutions to not only meet but also exceed the requirements of the cutting-edge semiconductor industry.

Please visit us at the EDFAS Virtual Workshop. Stop by to check out our product line-up, join the Tools Tour (Mon., Dec. 7th) for an overview of the ETHOS NX5000 FIB-SEM and its innovative technologies, and/or join our engaging Webinar (Wed., Dec. 9th) for a deeper dive into our many failure-analysis solutions.

Join our webinar during EDFAS:

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 (Lunch & Learn)
“Using Hitachi Ethos NX5000 FIB-SEM for Failure Analysis and Materials Science”
Presenter: Jamil J. Clarke, Senior Application Engineer



December 7 - 9, 2020


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