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IEEE BigData 2021

The 2021 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2021) will provide a leading forum for disseminating the latest results in Big Data Research, Development, and Applications.

At IEEE BigData 2021, Dr.Takashi Isobe of Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc. will present our patent-pending software, Chemical Informatics, along with several demonstrations.

Hitachi Presentation at IEEE BigData 2021


Chemicals Informatics: Explore Structural Factors and Potential Chemicals based on Public Literatures


Thursday, 12/16/21 10: 15-12: 20 pm EST


Chemical industry spends much cost and long time to develop new compounds or composites that have aimed properties. The developers need to efficiently discover initial candidates before simulation, actual synthesis, optimization, and evaluation. To meet their needs, Hitachi has developed Chemicals Informatics (CI) to efficiently discover potential candidates of compounds or composites based on a large number of public literatures. The CI system now has the data of 117M existing compounds and 61 properties extracted by analyzing a public chemical database linked to worldwide 33M papers and 30M patents in addition to 11M new structures generated based on existing compounds.


Dr. Takashi Isobe

Dr. Takashi Isobe
Director of Software/AI Development
Industrial Solutions Division / Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc.

Dr. Isobe earned his Master’s degree from University of Tokyo and his Doctorial degree from University of Tsukuba. He joined Hitachi in 2003 and has led multiple development projects related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. In 2018, he commercialized his first AI solution “Rehabilitation AI [awina]." This innovative solution provides statistical information about similar cases, recommended treatment plans, estimated discharge date, and ADL. He commercialized another AI solution called “Chemicals Informatics” in 2018, which is now available for the US market. He has published papers for these researches as well.

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