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Session Title

Chemicals Informatics: Software to Streamline New Product Research in the Chemical Industry
[Session ID: S31301]


Monday, April 12, 2021, 10 AM PDT


In the chemical industry, developing new materials often takes decades and costs hundreds of millions of dollars. In response to this challenge, recent years have seen a focus on materials informatics, which applies data mining and AI to aid researchers and significantly increase the efficiency of R&D. Chemicals Informatics improves development efficiency by discovering potential candidates that have intended properties. Users input existing compounds, new structures, or intended properties into Chemicals Informatics. After the calculation at cloud side, they receive potential materials’ space, property prediction, and related patent/paper links. Chemicals Informatics has the following features to support the researcher's intuition and knowledge and create new value:

  • Structure, property, and field extractor NLP using public databases
  • Recombination search AI
  • New structure creator AI
  • Property prediction AI
  • High-speed, secure, and reliable AI infrastructure using V100-DGX


Takashi Isobe

Takashi Isobe
Director of Software/AI Development
Industrial Solutions Division

Mei Akimoto

Mei Akimoto
Account Sales Manager
Industrial Solutions Division

Dates April 12-16, 2021
Location Virtual
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