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Hitachi UH5300 UV-Visible Double-Beam Spectrophotometer

A compact and energy-saving double-beam system with a wireless-control capability


The Hitachi UH5300 is an innovative, double-beam UV-Visible system. It incorporates the latest IT technology and can be operated in a wireless configuration from an iPad® or PC, or wired directly to a PC. When connected to a Wi-Fi router, you can control the instrument, print reports, and export data wirelessly from an iPad or PC, providing a new way to work in your laboratory

The UH5300 is designed with the environment in mind by using a long-life pulsed Xe lamp with a 7-year warranty(*), offering reliability and low operational cost. With the standard 6-position automatic cell changer and intelligent sample compartment door, this instrument affords a high-throughput sample measurement. Simple and easy performance check functions assure the accuracy of measured data.

A 7-year warranty requires compliance with instrument registration.

Configuration Examples

Wireless configuration with a Wi-Fi router and an iPad

Wired configuration with a PC and printer

Hitachi UV-Vis spectrophotometer can be controlled with an iPad

Note: iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.


UH5300 UV-VIS double-Beam Routine Spectrophotometer Specifications
Wavelength range 190 to 1,100 nm
Band pass 1 nm
Scan speed 10, 40, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1200, 2400, 4800, 6000 nm/min
Wavelength accuracy ±0.3 nm (Xe: 260.6, 484.3, 881.9 nm; Hg: 253.7, 435.8, 546.1 nm)
Baseline stability 0.0005 Abs/h (260 nm, 2 hrs. after power-on)
Noise level 0.0001 Abs or less (RMS, 260 nm, 0 Abs)
Baseline flatness ±0.0009 Abs (200 to 950 nm)
Light source Xenon (Xe) flash lamp
Detector Silicon photodiode
Photometric range Abs: -3.3 to 3.3 Abs
0 to 300%T
Photometric accuracy ±0.002 Abs (0 to 0.5 Abs)
±0.004 Abs (0.5 to 1.0 Abs)
(certified for NIST SRM 930)
Dimensions 510 mm (W) x 490 mm (D) x 280 mm (H)
Weight Approx. 19 kg
Power requirements 100, 115, 220, 230 or 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 150 VA


The standard 6-position automatic cell turret can be replaced with a wide range of sampling accessories.

Sample Holders

Single Cell Holder P/N 3J1-0106. The single cell holder for square cells 12.5 x 12.5mm, is an optional accessory useful when using micro or ultra-micro cells for measuring sample volumes down to 1.5ul. It requires Holder Base P/N 3J1-0109.

Holder base P/N 3J1-0109. The holder base is required as support when using any of the following accessories P/N 3J1-0106 Single Cell Holder, P/N 210-2107LS Rectangular Cell Holder, P/N 2J1-0171 Cylindrical Cell Holder, P/N 210-2109 Glass Filter Holder, P/N 210-2112 Film Holder or P/N 210-2130 Light Polarizer Holder.

Glass filter holder P/N 210-2109. The glass filter holder is used for measuring transmittance or absorbance of plate-like solid samples such as glass or plastic filters. Sample size: 12x12mm to 55x100mm, sample thickness: 0.5 to 5mm. It requires Holder Base P/N 3J1-0109.

Film holder P/N 210-2112. The film holder is used for measuring transmittance or absorbance of thin film solid samples. The samples are placed in an included holder and inserted into the film holder. Film Frame: 25mm (W) x 30 to 55mm (H). Beam Aperture: 10mm (W), 20mm (H). Requires Holder Base P/N 3J1-0109.

Polarizer Holder P/N 210-2130. The polarizer holder replaces the standard cell holder and is used to determine the polarization characteristics of samples by linearly polarizing the sample beam or for determining polarization with samples placed between the polarizer and detector. Consists of Zeiss film polarizers located in front of and behind the sample. The wavelength range is 400-750 nm and each polarizer can be set in a range of 0 - 90 degrees. Sample size requirements are as follows: Area maximum 55 x 100 mm and minimum 12 x 25 mm. Allowed sample thickness 0.5 to 5 mm. NOTE: The sample must be flat on both sides with parallel surfaces.

Rectangular long-path cell holder P/N 210-2107LS. It is a non-thermostatted cell holder which replaces the standard cell compartment. It accommodates rectangular long-path cells with path-lengths of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100mm in the sample and reference positions. NOTE: Requires two cells of the same path-length. Model UH5300 requires Holder Base P/N 3J1-0109.

Cylindrical long-path cell holder P/N 2J0-0171. Cylindrical Long Path Cell Holder for using 22-mm OD cylindrical long path cells of up to 100-mm path length. Requires Holder Base P/N 3J1-0109.

Manual Sample Changers

Manual non-thermostatted rectangular 4-position cell changer P/N 150-0940. Accommodates 4 rectangular long-path cells in the sample beam and 1 long-path cell in the reference beam and allows cell lengths of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 mm. It requires 5 cells of the same path length. Requires P/N 3J1-3214.

Temperature-Controlled Accessories

Water circulated single cell holder with stirring P/N 3J1-0104. The water circulated single cell holder with stirring for the UH5300 includes water-jacketed cell holders for sample and reference, with dry air-port for cell defogging when working below ambient temperatures. Temperature range of 5-60°C. Accommodates two 10 mm square stirring cells (not included) and replaces the standard sample compartment. NOTE: Circulating heating water bath AN0-9259 and tubing kit AN0-9339 are required.

Programmable Electronic Thermostatted Cell Holder with stirring P/N 130-0301. It includes temperature control in both the sample and reference, temperature range 0 to 100°C. An Ambient water circulator AN0-9333 is required. NOTE: Model UH5300 requires also Front Panel P/N 3J1-3214.


Ambient sipper, P/N 3J1-0101. The ambient sample sipper accessory is designed for rapid measurement of multiple samples in quality control and clinical chemistry. Samples are automatically measured after sample is sipped from a sample tube.

Ultra-Micro Sampling Accessories

Ultra-micro cells, P/N 3J2-0120, 3J2-0121, 3J2-0122 and Mask 3J1-0116. The ultra-micro cells allow measurement of trace amounts of sample, as follows: 3J2-0120 for 1.5 to 5ul, 3J2-0121 for 12 to 40ul, 3J2-0122 for 50 to 90ul. Any of them require mask P/N 3J1-0116, the single cell holder P/N 3J1-0106 and holder base 3J1-0116.


Application Notes

Note Number:
The standard installation of UH5300 spectrophotometer includes an automatic 6-cell turret. When analyzing many samples, the increased work efficiency can be expected by using the "intelligent Start" function. UH5300 spectrophotometer also focuses on the absorbance differences between cells. All cells are measured for the auto-zero values, which are recorded as the correction values. Therefore, the instrument is capable of handling the analysis where a slight absorbance difference is being measured. This time, Cr(VI) in water samples was analyzed by using this function.

Note Number:
The water quality standard for nitrite ion is 10mg/L or less as nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen. When a calibration curve at the wavelength of 539 nm was generated by the computation mode for the quantitative analysis, the calibration curve with a good correlation coefficient of R2=1.000 was obtained over the range of 0–1mg/L.

Note Number:
UH5300 spectrophotometer was developed pursuing a new operability which has never existed in the past and the instrument can be controlled by iPad or Windows PC. When analyzing many samples or a change over a long period of time, the real-time confirmation of the data from a remote area is possible. The next sample can be prepared based on the analysis result or the status of the analysis can be confirmed at any time and therefore, the increased work efficiency can be expected.

Note Number:
The absorbance of BTB, a pH indicator, was measured this time. The pH indicators are dyes of which colors change depending onpH and are used not only for pH measurements, but also for LC (liquid chromatograph) post-column methods (LC sheet No. 206).


The UH5300 UV-Visible Double-Beam Spectrophotometer is a compact and energy-saving system with a wireless-control capability.