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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer | F-2700/F-2710

hitachi f-2700/f-2710 fluorescence spectrophotometer

With its best-in-class sensitivity, the F-2700 and F-2710 are ideal choices for a wide range of applications from teaching to biotech and material research.


The Hitachi F-2700/F-2710 Fluorescence Spectrophotometers are available in two configurations depending on your laboratory's needs. The F-2700 can be used as stand-alone and also PC-controlled; the F-2710 is a PC-controlled-only model.

Model F-2700 Stand-Alone System
(PC control optional)
Model F-2710 PC-Control System

The F-2700 in stand-alone configuration using the built-in keyboard and LCD screen is ideal for teaching and routine measurements. Adding PC control expands its capabilities to biotech research and quantum yield applications.

Display panel of fluorescence spectrophotometer
The large built-in keyboard and LCD screen
make operation a breeze.

The F-2700/F-2710 feature an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (800 S/N RMS, Raman band of water at 5 nm bandwidth). With PC control the scan speed is as high as 12,000nm/min, making it ideal for 3-D scan measurements. A wide array of accessories is available, including automatic sampling, quantum yield measurement, full-range spectral correction, and 100µL micro cell.


F-2700/F-2710 Fluorescence Spectrophotometers
Sensitivity S/N≥ 800 (RMS) Raman band of water, Ex. 350nm, Slit width 5nm, Response 2s
Light source 150 Watts CW Xenon lamp, mounted vertically in self-deozonating lamp house
Spectrometer Aberration-corrected concave diffraction grating: 900 lines/mm.
Blaze wavelengths 300nm EX, 400nm Em
Photometric principle Monochromatic light monitoring ratio calculation
Wavelength measurement range (Ex and Em) 220 nm to 730 nm and zero order(optional 220 to 800 nm)
Wavelength accuracy ±3.0 nm
Wavelength scan speed 60, 300, 1500, 3000, 12000 nm/min (12,000 nm/min only under PC control)
Wavelength drive speed 12,000 nm/min
Response Response from 0 to 98%: 0.04, 0.08, 0.4 and 2 sec.
Slit width (Ex and Em) 2.5, 5, 10, 20 nm
Photometric range ± 9999
Dimensions 600mm (W) x 503mm (D) x 343mm (H)
Weight Approx. 41 Kg
Environmental conditions 15 to 35°C / 25 to 80% RH (non- condensing), 70% or less at 30°C or higher
Power source 100, 115, 220, 230 and 240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 400 VA
Interface USB for PC communications Centronics for printing directly from instrument


Hitachi's unique concave diffraction gratings combined with a low noise detection system result in an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (S/N ≥ 800 RMS, Raman band of water using 5nm slits), allowing measurement of fluorescein with sensitivity in the order of 1 x 10-12 mol/l.

Hitachi fluorescence spectrophotometers offer a wide dynamic range of 6 or more orders of magnitude. This is the result from our unique circuit-processing technology where our fluorescence spectrophotometers switch gain automatically and allow measuring samples with low and high fluorescence intensity under the same conditions. This eliminates the need to prepare multiple calibration curves for a range of concentrations.

F-2700 Fluorescein sensitivity
F-2700/F-2700 Fluorescein detection sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

The Hitachi F-2700/F-2710 fluorescence spectrophotometers's variable slit width works well for samples displaying sharp peaks or for samples with broad band peaks.

F-2700 Variable spectral bandwidth
Left: Fluorescence spectrum of Y2O3 (slit 2.5nm)
Right: Spectrum of YAG fluorescence substance (slit 20nm)

The F-2700/F-2710 Fluorescence Spectrophotometers offer optional accessories for performing full range spectral correction for both the Excitation and Emission monochromators. This allows eliminating spectral distortions in your data resulting from the variation in power distribution from lamp to lamp, efficiency curves of the diffraction gratings and sensitivity of the detector. This is a desirable feature when publishing data or when comparing data from instrument to instrument. The picture below shows a measurement for NIST SRM 936.

F-2700 Spectral correction
Measurement of NIST SRM936e before and after spectral correction

Wide range of accessories to meet your application needs from Biology, Environmental, Pharmaceutical QC, Teaching and Materials Research.

F-2700 Wide range of accessories


PC Control Software options

FL Solutions Applications Software (standard for Model F-2710):

FL Solutions for the F-2700/F-2710 Fluorescence Spectrophotometers provides performance and flexibility to the instrument, as well as capability to use advanced accessories. The FL Solutions applications software includes measurement modes for Wavenlegth Scan, Time Scan, Photometry, 3-D Wavelength Scan, Data Processing and Exporting, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), Object Link Embedding (OLE), Batch file conversion and Reporting.


Report Generator Software:

F-2700 Report Generator

This add-on software package to FL Solutions is a powerful application which allow you to design your own reports by arranging and selecting items from included templates. For advanced users familiar with macros, it allows performing customized calculations and reports using data obtained by the instrument, such as the example shown to the left for calculating chromaticity.

Temperature Controlled Accessories

Water Circulated Cell Holder (available with or without stirring):

Allows measuring samples at controlled temperature between 5 and 60°C. Stirring is available for added temperature uniformity within the sample. Stirring speed is indenpendently adjustable from the front panel, between 500 and 1200 rpm. A dry air port is available to eliminate condensation when measuring below ambient temperature. (Requires a heated water circulator)

F-2700 Water circulated cell holder with stirring

Programmable Thermoelectric Cell Holder with Stirring:

F-2700 Programmable Thermoelectric cell holder

Used for thermostatting samples at a fixed or programmable variable temperature in the range of 0 to 100°C (in steps of 0.1°C). Temperature is controlled by a Peltier device for fast heating of the sample. Temperature accuracy is ±2°C. Requires an ambient water circulator for cooling. Includes a dry port to control condensation. A cell cap is included to avoid evaporation when working at temperatures above ambient.

QNW Peltier Cell Holder with Stirring:

Includes a single temperature controller with a range of -10.00 to +105.00°C (±0.02°C). The lower limit could be extended down to about -40°C by ordering p/n AN0-9357 Windowed Jacket and Cap.

Dry gas purge may be used to reduce condensation when working at low temperature. It includes an ambient water circulator, required for removing heat from the Peltier during the cooling cycle. Includes SER 2.X Serial Interface, signal cable and computer program for external PC control which adds temperature ramping capability. Includes built-in filter holders.

F-2700 QNW Thermoelectric Cell Holder

Heated Water Circulator:

Heated water circulator

4 lt capacity stainless steel tank, temperature range: 25 to 120°C (20 to 120°C with water cooling), temperature control: ±0.02°C. It includes a cooling coil for rapid cooling using tap water circulation. Compatible with water circulated temperature controlled sampling accessories.

Ambient Water Circulator:

Ambient water circulator for use with thermoelectric accessories requiring cooling.

This accessory is not intended to provide temperature control, but only water circulation at ambient temperature, to help Peltier controlled accessories speed up the cooling cycle.

F-2700 Ambient Water circulator

Low Temperature Sample Compartment:

F-2700 Low Temperature sample compartment

Used for measuring fluorescence or phosphorescence of solutions frozen to a liquid nitrogen temperature of -196°C (77°K). It replaces the standard sample compartment. Includes a built-in filter holder, liquid nitrogen dewar flask and four quartz sample tubes (two 5mm and two 8mm diameter tubes).

The sovent used must be water-free. EPA (ethyl-ether, iso-pentane, ethanol=5:5:2) is recommended.

Cell Changers

Manual 4-position Ambient Cell changer:

Accomodates four 10mm square cells (not included) and replaces the standard sample compartment. The cell position is selected by a control at the front of the sample compartment.

F-2700 Manual 4-position ambient cell changer

Manual 8-position Non-thermostatted Cell changer:

F-2700 Manual 8-position ambient cell changer

Accomodates eight 10mm square cells, or 10mm and 12mm OD test tubes that are less than 105mm tall (not included). It replaces the standard sample compartment. Cell position is selected by control at the front of the sample compartment.

Sampling Accessories

Absorption Cell Holder:

Allow measuring transmisson data for a sample and blank. Using built-in data processing functions in FL Solutions, it calculates percent transmission (%T) of the sample. This data is exported to Excel to calculate absorbance. It is useful for determination of Relative Quantum Efficiency of liquid samples.

F-2700 Absorption Cell Holder

High Sensitivity Cell Holder:

F-2700 High Sensitivity Cell Holder

Utilizes concave mirrors positioned immediately behind the excitation and emission beam paths to improve sensitivity by 2X. Accomodates a 10mm square cell (not included) and is mounted on the base of the standard sample compartment.

Solid Sample Holder:

For measuring solid samples up to 30mm thick such as plastic, paper, cloth, thin films, fibers, powders and highly concentrated solutions in a cuvette. Front face geometry is used with the excitation light beam incident to the sample at a 30 degree angle. This geometry eliminates the entrance of excitation reflected light into the detector. Includes one non-thermostatted powder holder which is mounted on the base of the standard sample compartment.

F-2700 Solid Sample Holder

Attenuator Filter Set:

F-2700 Attenuator Filter set

Neutral density screens which pass all wavelengths from 200 to 900 nm. The set consists of one each 4%, 8%, 11%, 15%, 23% and 33%T screens. A filter holder is included.

Neutral density screens reduce the excitation light when narrow slits are not available. In a variable band pass instrument, screens are useful for adjusting the relative intensity to a desirable Y-scale position for a set of samples. Decreasing the slit width however results in a higher reduction in intensity than the addition of a screen.

Cutoff Filter set:

Consist of five 2x2 inch polished glass cutoff filters and a filter holder. The filters are as follows:

  • WG-295 passes wavelengths longer than 295nm
  • WG-32 passes wavelengths longer than 320nm
  • L-37 passes wavelengths longer than 370nm
  • GG-39 passes wavelengths longer than 395nm
  • L-42 passes wavelengths longer than 420nm
F-2700 Cutoff filter set


Manual Polarization accessory:

F-2700 Manual Polarization accessory

Wavelength range 380 to 820nm, polarizer rotation manual from 0 to 90 degrees. The holder also has a position for glass filters and is mounted on the base of the standard sample compartment. (Also available in UV-Visible range)

Automation accessories

Auto Sipper:

Peristaltic pump type sipper unit which replaces the standard sample compartment. Non-thermostatted with a minimum sipping volume of 2.5 ml. Carryover is 2% or less. Compatible with the AS-1010 Auto-Sampler.

F-2700 Auto Sipper

AS-1010 Auto Sampler:

F-2700 AS-1010 Auto-sampler

Provides automatic measurement of up to 150 samples placed in test tubes of 13mm diameter and 105 tall. Requires Auto Sipper.

Spectral Correction Kit Accessory:

Required for generating correction factors in the lower wavelength range (220 to 600nm) of the F-2700/F-2710, for both EX and EM monochromators.

F-2700 Spectral correction kit

Sub-standard Lamp accessory:

F-2700 Sub-standard light source

Includes sub-standard tungsten lamp, mounting supports and power supply. Used to generate emission correction factors from 500 to 800nm in the EX and EM monochromators. A red sensitive R-928F photomultiplier is required when using this accessory.

Quantum Yield Measurement accessory:

Appropriate for measurement and calculation of quantum yield of powder samples. Includes a 60mm Integrating Sphere, Quantum Yield calculation software, (2) Al2O3 White Plates, (1) SpectralonTM Standard White Plate, (2) Powder Quartz Cells (1.8ml), Aluminum Oxide powder and Instructions Manual. Calculations include: Internal and External Quantum Yield, Absorptance, Amount of Absorption and Amount of Fluorescence. Measurement range 240 to 800nm* (using the optional R-928F photomultiplier). Requires a PC controlled F-2700/F-2710 with FL Solutions, R-928F photomultiplier, Spectral Correction accessory, Sub-standard light source and cut-off filter set.

F-2700 Quantum Yield measurement accessory

Intacellular Ca++ measurement accessory:

F-2700 Intracellular Ca++ accessory

An IC applications system designed for instrument paramater setup, collection of data from both the excitation and emission spectra, and measurement and calculation of intracellular calcium concentrations using single or ratio probes. Two ratios can be performed simultaneously. All data could be saved for further analysis. Raw data, ratio and concentration data can be converted. Post run processing functions include smoothing, deletion of artifact points due to technique, graph subtraction, background subtraction and calculation of concentrations using the Grynkiewicz equation. Fmin and Fmax values are selectable from the new data graph or can be entered manually. A calibration curve can be generated from the raw data or ratios and applied to concentration calculations. The IC software can be used to simultaneously measure two wavelengths during a time scan.
Includes Thermostatted Cell Holder with stirring, Micro Sampling accessory, Quartz microcell and Intracellular Cation applications program.


Standard quartz fluorescence cell:

Quartz cell, ultra-high quality 10mm square x 45mm high, no background fluorescence. Minimum sample volume in this cell is 0.6 ml when using the standard cell holder



Quartz Micro Cell:

F-2700 Standard quartz fluorescence cell

Thick wall clear microcell. Minimum sample volume is 200µl. Provides almost the same sensitivity as the standard 10mm quartz cell

Quartz Masked micro cell:

Thick walls masked micro cell to reduce scattering. Minimum sample volume is 200µl. Provides almost the same sensitivity as the standard quartz cell

F-2700 Micro cell

Micro Cell Holder:

Micro cell holder for using Starna 100 µl cells. Requires Starna fluorescence cell 3-3.45Q and Adapters FCA3 or FCA3.3 (The cell and the adapter shown in the picture are not included.)

F-2700 Micro cell holder

Optional Photomultiplier detector:

F-2700 Optional Photomultiplier detectors

We offer two optional photomultiplier detectors which extend measuring wavelength range from 220 to 800 nm.


Application Notes

Note Number:
Spectral Correction for Fluorescence Spectrophotometers

Spectral Correction has been simplified via a 4-step procedure and software to perform spectral correction in the full extended range of the instrument, in both the excitation and the emission sides.


With its best-in-class sensitivity, the F-2700 is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications from teaching to biotech and material research.

With its best-in-class sensitivity, the F-2710 is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications from teaching to biotech and material research.

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