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Roll to Roll Coater

Roll to Roll Coater
New model: Compact dryer (Shell type)     Conventional model: Large enclosed chamber
  1. Roll to roll wet coating system (slot die)
  2. Two types of dryers available: Compact dryer and Large box enclosed dryer
  3. High efficiency drying via hot air and IR installed in the chambers.
  4. Super thin to thick film coatings can be covered with our slot die.


Compact dryer


New model features a compact design that significantly reduces height requirements compared to the conventional model.


  1. Lower initial costs : A compact design reduces the need for large structures and significantly reduces costs.
  2. Improved productivity :
    1. Simple film threading and cleaning
    2. Shorter heating times and faster time to stability for higher machine up-time.
    3. Infrared heaters for improved drying efficiency.
  3. Shorter installation period : Installation period of about a month reduces installation costs
  4. Construction cost reduction : Lower machine height results in shorter construction times and lower costs

High efficient drying

  1. Slot die nozzle able to coat a wide range of films from ultra thin to thick.
  2. Slit gap can be finely adjusted for thin film coating
  3. Adjustable gap at nozzle tip (thin film coating)
  4. Coating thickness uniformity
    Thin film: ±2.0% or less
    LiB ±1.5% or less
Slot die nozzle

Note: Thin film can be coated by closed-loop slot die.

Two pilot lines available at our factory for demonstration

Please feel free to contact us about details of the pilot line or arrange coating demonstration.


  • LiB (Li-ion battery)
  • Separator
  • Carbon coated aluminum foil for LiB
  • Multi layer ceramic capacitor
  • Li-ion capacitor
  • Optical film (polarizer, 3D film, phase contrast, anti glare, hard coating, anti reflection)
  • Non-ITO film (Silver nano-wire, carbon nano tube, conductive polymer)
  • Resist
  • OCA (Touch panel)
  • Flexible Printed Circuit (FCCL, dry film, coverlay)
  • Electromagnetic shield film
  • Heat dissipation film
  • Tape for semiconductors (Dicing tape, ACF, DAF)
  • Medical tape
  • Decorative film, window film
  • PV backsheet
  • OPC (organic photo conductor)
  • Organic film solar cell
  • Dye sensitized solar cell


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