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Hitachi High-Tech in Canada

Note Number: 20100209

Amino acid analysis is an important technique involved in a wide range of bioanalytical applications including protein and peptide analysis, quality assessment of foodstuffs and clinical diagnosis of metabolic disorders. Historically, this technique has been performed on highly specialized chromatographic systems dedicated for comprehensive (up to 50-plus components) and quantitative amino acid analysis.

Here we describe an alternative methodology for the analysis of amino acids in protein hydrolysates and foodstuffs, including γ-amino-n-butyric acid (GABA) and ornithine, using the highly flexible Hitachi LaChrom Elite® HPLC system with the Sensivate Elite Post-Column Reactor. Amino acids are analyzed via ion exchange separation, derivatized with ninhydrin, and detected by UV-Vis. The data here specifically describes the analysis of soy sauce.


Sensivate Elite Post-Column Reactor