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Hitachi High-Technologies in Canada

Hitachi FT9300 XRF Coating Thickness Gauge

Small High-Powered X-Ray Tube for Measuring Microscopic Parts with High Accuracy


The small, high-powered X-ray tube installed in the FT9300 enables measurements with high accuracy. With the combination of the micro-collimator and the zoom type optical system, the measurement of submicroscopic areas on samples can be performed. The FT9300 Series is also compatible with the measurement of samples with uneven surfaces.


  1. Equipped with a small, high powered X-ray tube (75W) capable of measuring microscopic parts with high accuracy.
  2. Round 50 µm (minimum 15 µm) collimator installed as standard.
  3. Can easily observe microscopic areas, equipped with four-step zoom.
  4. Thin Film FP Software can be used for a wide range of applications including measurement of alloy plating and composite plating with high accuracy.
  5. Collision prevention sensor makes samples with topography safe to use.
  6. Able to measure samples with uneven surfaces with the focal distance switching function.
  7. A high accuracy stage is achieved by utilizing a servo-motor to drive stage movements.
  8. Easy position alignment is accomplished with laser beam focusing.


ELEMENTS Atomic No. 22(Ti) to 83(Bi)
Atomic No. 21 or less can be measured by the absorption method
X-RAY SOURCE Small Air-cooled high power X-ray tube (Mo target, Be window)
Voltage: 50kV
Current: 1.5mA
DETECTOR Proportional Counter
COLLIMATOR Round: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2mm
Rectangular: 0.025 x 0.5, 0.2 x 0.025mm
Options: Round 15, 25 µm Rectangular 15 x 200µm
SAMPLE OBSERVATION CCD camera with optical zoom, halogen light
FILTER Primary filter: Mo, automatic switching
Secondary filter: Co, automatic switching
SAMPLE STAGE  STAGE TRAVELLING 640 (W)x 810 (D) x 900 (H) mm
X:220 mm, Y:150 mm, Z:150 mm
930 (W)x 860 (D) x 900 (H) mm
X:400 mm, Y:300 mm, Z:50 mm
680 (W)x 810 (D) x 900 (H) mm
X:700 mm, Y:600 mm, Z:15 mm
CONTROLLER Desktop Computer with 19 inch LCD monitor
APPLICATION SOFTWARE Thin Film FP (All types of thin films: Max 5 layers,10 elements per layer), Calibration, Bulk FP method (material composition analysis)
DATA PROCESSING Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word
SAFETY FUNCTION Sample door interlock, Sample crash prevention mechanism, Device diagnostics mechanism
  • Coating solution analysis (Bulk Calibration)
  • Spectrum matching software (Material ID)
  • Mapping (Intensity surface analysis multi point display) software
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