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Hitachi High-Technologies in Canada

Hitachi HT7710 120kV BF/DF Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope

STEM imaging in the HT7700 is performed using Bright Field (BF) and annular Dark Field (DF) detectors. Contrast can be adjusted with push-button ease by choosing between diffraction-contrast or Z-contrast conditions. STEM imaging inherently reduces the impact of inelastically scattered electrons on image blur, allowing thicker samples to be imaged at low kV. Combining precision beam control of the STEM with EDX analysis enables simultaneous elemental mapping and imaging to see the elemental distribution.


Continuing more than 70 years of microscopy innovation, Hitachi offers the HT7710 STEM with maximum performance and productivity for in-situ analysis.

The HT7710's radical design incorporates the ergonomics and user friendliness of a SEM with the advanced resolution and analytical capabilities of a TEM/STEM. It features completely digital imaging supported by a redesigned viewing chamber which accommodates Hitachi's brightfield and darkfield STEM detectors.

  • STEM Performance for Soft/Hybrid Materials—40-120kV with a magnification range of 100‑800,000X and image recording resolutions up to 5120 X 3840
  • High Magnification and Large FOV STEM—Ideal for high-resolution lattice imaging, bulk crystal structure, and nanoparticle analysis
  • Flexible Port Configurations—BF/DF STEM, EDS detectors, and cameras for high-throughput imaging and compositional data
  • Intuitive STEM GUI and Automation Features—All STEM images instantly archived in Hitachi's EMIP database software
  • Optional High-Resolution Objective Lens– 1.4Å at low accelerating voltages with minimal beam damage


Resolution 1.5nm (BF-STEM, 100kV, defined by measuring
the gap of sputtered gold particles)
Detector BF-STEM
DF-STEM (Option)
Magnification x1,000~x800,000 (High Mag mode)
x1,000~x100,000 (Normal mode)
x100~x2,000 (Low Mag mode)
Scanning Mode Normal scan
Selected area scan
Line scan
Point scan
Area analysis
Digital scan (option)
Data Format TIFF, BMP, JPEG
Data Bit 16 bits (TIFF)
Image Recording Resolution 640 x 480 pixel
1,280 x 960 pixel
2,560 x 1,920 pixel
5,120 x 3,840 pixel



1.4Å Performance with Hitachi's HT7700 EXALENS
The HT7700 with EXALENS high resolution objective lens sets the new performance standard for
40-120kV microscopy – 1.4Å at low accelerating voltages with minimal beam damage.

HT7710 High-Performance, High-Resolution BF/DF STEM for Nano-Scale Analysis