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Hitachi High-Tech in Canada

The TM Series 3D visualization software Hitachi map 3D

Three-dimensional models allow height measurements

A 3-dimensional model can be generated without sample tilting and alignment, using 4-segment backscattered electron detector.


Hitachi map 3D software overview

Hitachi map 3D software overview


Import function Automatic select and read function of four-elements image data
Measurement performance Depth accuracy less than ±20% (reference) Measurement performance varies depending on calibration accuracy, the condition of the type of specimen, the observation mode and the observation condition
Detectable angle range ±60° (reference)
TM4000 ±50° (reference)
Measurement function Section profile display extracted between any points on the three-dimensional image
Distance of X and Y, length and angle measurements between two points, Surface area and Volume
Distance of X,Y and Z, length and many other measurements between 2 points specified on section profile
Simple profile roughness and surface roughness measurement
Baseline offset (straight, curve), leveling and multiple offset
Cutting surface, Color contour line, Bird's-eye view and pseudo color display
Layout, Template and image composition from multiple images functions
Three-dimensional display function Rotation, zoom-in and multiple rendering process Animation record function of observation screen
Output function Report, Image: RDF, RTF, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, EMF
Three-dimension image/movie: SUR, 3MF, STL, WRL, TXT, X3D/WMV, AVI