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Reduction in the volume of waste generated / Higher rate of reuse of resources

At Hitachi High-Tech Group companies, efforts are made to reduce the volume of waste that is generated in their business activities as well as to promote recycling of resources by maximizing recycling of generated waste.
In fiscal 2016, activities seeking to reduce the volume of waste generated per unit by 30.9% (base year: fiscal 2005) realized a reduction of 39.8%, exceeding the target. However, due to an increase in the volume of production at our major factories, the volume of waste generated actually increased by 21.5%.

Volume of Waste Generated and Final Disposal Ratio

  • * Scope of applicability: Manufacturing sites of the Hitachi High-Technologies and its group's manufacturing companies in Japan

Amount of waste generated (outside Japan)

In fiscal 2014, we created a working group for overseas sites and we conducted a review of waste based on our understanding of the state of affairs at such sites. From fiscal 2015, waste generated during production processes, collection of used products, and waste generated during maintenance operations are within the scope of our understanding, whereas waste generated from office activities, etc. (waste paper and PET bottles etc.), is not. Going forward, we will consider waste reduction activities with an understanding of the volume of said waste.

Amount of waste generated (overseas)

  • * Influence by the target range increase

Promoting the Recycling of Used Packaging Materials

Polyethylene garbage bags
Polyethylene garbage bags

As part of our efforts to achieve a recycling-based society, our Naka Division is actively engaged in the recycling of waste within Japan. Vinyl used in the packaging of components delivered to us is used to manufacture polyethylene garbage bags and plastic folders made entirely from this recycled material, which are then used by the Naka Division. Seeing vinyl materials separated from other waste in the workplace come back to be used again in a different form makes the concept of recycling more tangible for staff, thereby helping to increase the environmental awareness of each and every employee. Going forward, we will continue to strive to reduce waste by expanding the scope of items subject to recycling and promoting the reuse and recycling of materials used to package components.

Effective Utilization of Water Resources

Hitachi High-Tech Group companies are not operating in water-stressed environments, yet they are striving for effective utilization of water resources. Water consumption is reduced through recirculation of cooling water, and by reducing the volume of water used through initiatives including the achievement of higher productivity and upgrading to water-saving equipment.

Water consumption

Water Consumption outside Japan

  • * Scope of applicability: Manufacturing sites of the Hitachi High-Technologies and its group's manufacturing companies in Japan

Water Consumption (Overseas)

Water Consumption outside Japan

  • * Water consumption outside of Japan is increasing partly because more companies and business sites are logging water consumption data.