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Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation Message from the Management

Sukehiro Ito

Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation is a Hitachi High-Tech group manufacturer of analysis/measurement equipments. In the areas of surface analysis, element/property analysis and spectroscopic/separation analysis, we offer cutting edge products and high-quality solutions globally to our forefront customers. We are listening earnestly to our customers all over the world to constantly pursuit creating values for them, through the cooperation of our domestic and international company bases, as well as of other Hitachi High-Tech groups.

The "Science Ring" mark that we display on our products and communication tools is formed by an "S", for Science, which is at the core of our technology; and the arrangement inside the ring represents the sure connection that we have with our customers, symbolizing the commitment we have "to connect science and society and produce new values". We plan to continue working diligently to contribute to the development of science and society for both our customers and our stakeholders, through our core technologies in "Processing, Observation, Measurement and Analysis". We sincerely ask for the same stable support and patronage we have received in the past as we continue on this endeavor.

Science Ring Mark
Sukehiro Ito

Sukehiro Ito