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Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation Message from the Management

Mitsuru Konno

Welcome to Hitachi High-Tech Science website!

The Hitachi High-Tech Group's corporate vision is to “simplify our customers’ high-tech processes,” and our mission is to “help our customers be fast-moving, successful, cutting-edge businesses." Based on this philosophy, Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation develops, manufactures, sells, and services cutting-edge analytical and measuring instruments, and provides high-quality solutions to solve a variety of customer issues globally.

In our business, our core competencies are surface analysis, elemental and physical property analysis, and spectroscopic and separation analysis. We offer various products for a wide range of industries, including connected mobility, environment, energy and healthcare, and many customers have adopted our products. On the other hand, in the market environment surrounding us, customer issues such as development efficiency improvement, yield improvement, and quality control have become more sophisticated and complex, and it is important to correctly "know" future technological trends and customer issues. By providing solutions to these issues using the core technologies developed by our company, we will create "future value" together with our customers.

Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation will continue to work as a team to develop solutions that best suit customers based on customer issues, solve social issues such as sustainable environmental protection and health and safety, and contribute to the development of science and society with customers and stakeholders around the world. We look forward to working with you.

Science Ring Mark

Mitsuru Konno