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Message from the President

Takashi Iizumi

Aiming to be a company regarded as indispensable, we will continue to help resolve various social issues with our core Observation, Measurement and Analysis technologies.

Hitachi High-Tech Group was established in 2001 through a merger between Nissei Sangyo (a specialized electronics trading company) and Hitachi, Ltd.'s Instruments Group and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Group, creating a unique company that functions as both a trading company and a manufacturer. Since its launch, the company has operated on a global scale in various fields that support people and society.

In 2024, we consolidated Hitachi, Ltd.'s Healthcare Business Division into Hitachi High-Tech. In addition to diagnosis, which provides medical and life science products such as world-class automated biochemical and immunological analyzers, we will expand our business domain to therapy by providing medical products such as radiation therapy systems, and contribute to improvements in people's QoL across the entire healthcare field. In the semiconductor field, we support developing digital technologies through provision of products for the semiconductor manufacturing process, including the global top-selling CD-SEM*. We also contribute to efforts to realize a sustainable society, resolving social issues through our core Observation, Measurement and Analysis technologies by providing measurement and inspection solutions that support the development of science and industry, and solutions that focus on customer issues that support people's lives and society.

In the midst of an unstable social climate, including climate change and geopolitical risks, we are working to strengthen our management foundation and our ability to respond to social issues through our business so that we can flexibly adapt to these shifts. Whatever happens to the world, our strengths of core Observation, Measurement, and Analysis technologies possess the potential to solve many different types of social issues. We aim to continue to demonstrate our strengths, providing greater value and continuing our evolution fearlessly in the face of changes, in order to contribute to social progress.

As we stated in our corporate vision and mission, Hitachi High-Tech Group aims to build co-creative relationships with our customers and grow together as we flexibly respond to social changes, through our efforts to make difficult things easy, make complicated things simple, and change customers’ processes into simple ones.

Being useful and necessary to society is a our raison d’etre. Going forward, regardless of the changes in the world around us, we will continue to contribute toward solutions to various social issues in order to keep Hitachi High-Tech a company regarded as indispensable.

* SEM: Scanning Electron Microscope

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation
President and Representative Director

Takashi Iizumi