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Message from the President

Takashi Iizumi

In Order to Solve Various Social Issues and Realize a Prosperous Society,We Will Evolve Without Fear of Change.

As part of our corporate vision to "simplify our customers' high-tech processes," our mission is to help our customers be fast-moving, successful, cutting-edge businesses. Accordingly, we are developing a global business around the four segments of Analytical & Medical Solutions, Nano-Technology Solutions, Value Chain Solutions, and CoreTechnology Solutions.

The future of the world has become uncertain due to unpredictable circumstances; natural disasters, geopolitical problems, pandemics, and so on. . Assuming that our world will continue experiencing such drastic changes, we will need to enhance our ability to flexibly respond to future changes, and our ability to address social issues through our business.

We at the Hitachi High-Tech Group have, as of April 2022, started our new 2024 Medium-Term Management Plan. Whatever happens in the world around us, our core technologies in observation, measurement, and analysis (measurement and analysis technologies), which are our strength, possess the potential to solve many different types of social issues.
By maximizing our utilization of digital technology and bringing ourselves face-to-face with the needs and issues faced by our society and our customers, we will create new value by strengthening existing businesses and creating new businesses, and make significant contributions to solving social issues through our capabilities in observation, measurement, and analysis technologies. We also seek to evolve our business structure into one that will allow us to further leverage our strengths, seek our own evolution without fear of change and become a company where each and every employee has a real sense that they are personally contributing to society through our business.

The Hitachi High-Tech Group's basic philosophy is to become "a successful enterprise trusted by all our stakeholders, and contribute to social progress through business activities that emphasize value creation through high-tech solutions." Each and every employee keeps this philosophy in mind at all times. Furthermore, we at the Hitachi High-Tech Group strive to remain a company deemed essential by our society by tying together all businesses to sustainability, and creating societal issue-driven value, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

We at the Hitachi High-Tech Group will continue to seek our own evolution without fear of change, provide even greater value to our society and customers, and act as one to help realize a more prosperous society. We hope for your understanding and even greater support of our efforts as we move forward in these endeavors.

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation
President and Representative Director

Takashi Iizumi