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Business Fields

Hitachi High-Tech was created in 2001 from the merger of the Hitachi Ltd. Instruments Group and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipments Group with Nissei Sangyo Co., Ltd., a company specializing in electronics.

Analytical & Medical Solutions

image: Analytical & Medical Solution

We are bringing new value to the healthcare sector through the fusion of cutting-edge analytics and automation technologies with digital technology.
We have been furthering high-quality, efficient testing with our product lineup, which includes world-class automated analyzers for clinical testing and capillary electrophoresis sequencers that contribute to genomic medicine. We will expand our business into molecular diagnostic and testing services, and contribute to improving quality of life by focusing on everything from personalized healthcare to improving diagnosis of intractable diseases.

Main Products

Nano-Technology Solutions

image: Nano-Technology Solution

Together with our customers we will create new value on the front lines of semiconductor device manufacturing, which underpins the evolution of digital technologies such as AI, IoT and DX.
Our product lineup spans the processing, measurement and inspection processes involved in semiconductor manufacturing, and includes global top-selling length-measuring SEMs, plasma etching systems for high-precision microfabrication, and defect inspection devices. We provide world-class, digital-enhanced product solutions in order to solve our customers' issues and create value by shortening development times, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Main Products

Value Chain Solutions

image: Value Chain Solution

We focus on customer issues primarily in the industrial fields that support lives and businesses, and provide optimal solutions aimed at creating social, environmental and economic value.
We will leverage our front-office capabilities and issue resolution capabilities, which take advantage of the global customer base and business creation capabilities we have built up as a specialist trading company, and work with our collaborative partners to help solve our customers' issues across the manufacturing value chain (planning, research and development, design, manufacturing, maintenance, etc.) and the supply chain of procurement, manufacturing and sales.

Main Products

Core Technology Solutions

image: Core Technology Solution

Making the most of our strengths in our core technologies: beam and analysis technology, we will contribute to solving social issues such as environmental problems, resilience, and safety and security.
We provide electron microscopes (SEM/TEM/FIB), spectrophotometers, X-ray fluorescence analyzers, thermal analyzers, liquid chromatographs and more for research and development, manufacturing and quality-control processes in fields such as batteries, advanced materials, electronics, semiconductors and biopharmaceuticals. We will collaborate with universities and research institutes, etc., to refine our core technologies and create specialized measurement and inspection solutions required in growth markets.

Main Products