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Hitachi High-Tech
The Quest to Achieve the World’s Highest Resolution Revealed Answers That Would Change the World.

Hitachi Receives the IEEE Milestone for First Practical Field Emission Electron Microscope


In 1969, Hitachi began developing field emission (FE) electron beam source technology. In just three years, Hitachi successfully developed an FE-SEM1 by creating practical FE technology. Since then, for more than 40 years, Hitachi's FE technology has been used in high-resolution SEMs and TEMs2 in a wide range of fields such as biology, materials science, and semiconductors. It has made an immeasurable contribution to the advancement of science, medicine and industry around the world.

Under the slogan of“ Seeing the Invisible,” Hitachi's FE-SEM has proven highly popular among customers around the world for its reliability and ease of operation. Today, the Hitachi name is associated with FE-SEM worldwide.

The IEEE Milestone puts the crowning touch on the FE-SEM's shining track record. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that FE electron microscope has been used to reveal answers that change the world.

1 FE-SEM:Field Emission-Scanning Electron Microscope
2 TEM:Transmission Electron Microscope

Stabilizing the FE Electron Beam Source

FE, or field emission, refers to a phenomenon where high-density electrons are emitted when a strong electric field is applied to a cathode (electron emission element) with a sharpened tip.

FE cathode
The IEEE Milestone

The IEEE Milestone is a designation awarded by the IEEE, to honor historical technical achievements that have contributed substantially to the advancement of industry and society.

IEEE Milestone Plaque

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