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SIS Mode

SIS Mode:Sampling Intelligent Scan Mode

The SIS mode (sampling intelligent scan mode) has solved the problem of conventional AFMs. It has achieved measurement that is not affected by the movement in a horizontal direction that happens during scanning with a probe (drag, deformation, etc.). As a result, stable measurement of highly uneven and adsorbent, and even of soft samples has become possible. Also, the equipment enables the excellent mapping of physical properties; the current mode enables the steady measurement of the current and topographic images even for soft samples without breaking the sample, and the phase mode makes it possible for the topography (artifact) to be not affected by scanning.

Principles and benefits of the SIS mode.

1-1 Issues regarding conventional modes

1-2 Principles of the SIS mode

1-3 Benefits of the SIS mode

Introducing examples of measurement by SIS mode

2-1 High precision observation of high aspect ratio surfaces

2-2 Stable observation of soft and/or adhesive samples

2-3 Stable phase measurements

2-4 Stability and high sensitivity measurement of current mode

Compatible models

*: For the stations whose version is earlier than NanoNavi I, the version up to NanoNavi II is required. The SIS mode can be installed to:


For more information about the equipment’s configuration and price, please contact our sales department.

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