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Ratio Beam Spectrophotometer U-5100

Ratio Beam Spectrophotometer U-5100

ECO-FRIENDLY & CLEAN For a Beautiful Earth

Product concepts underlying Hitachi's U-5100 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer is ECO-FRIENDLY & CLEAN. The Model U-5100 delivers a compact, lightweight package with remarkable power savings and a long life for its light source.
The U-5100 incorporates every aspect of the technological features of Hitachi's reliability-proven spectrophotometers while achieving our ultimate goal to create a spectrophotometer that is ECO-FRIENDLY & CLEAN and provides SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE.


ECOLOGY:Incorporates a Xenon flash lamp, which is an environmentally friendly, low-power consumption, long-life light source.

Adoption of a Xenon flash lamp

By adopting a long-lasting Xenon flash lamp, the product delivers a long life for its lamp, eliminating the need for periodic lamp replacement that was necessary in previous model*1.

Energy saving design

Through control of the Xenon flash lamp that emits pulses only during measurement, power consumption is reduced by 70% compared with previous model.


Reduced measurement time

The automatic switching of 6 cells by using an automatic 6-cell turret and a high-speed scanning (12,000 nm/min) deliver a substantial reduction in measurement time (approximately 60% reduction). The examples shown in the figure compare*2 the amount of time required to measure 100 samples (5 wavelengths × 20 samples) with a previous model*1, based on biological analyses and quality control on food products.


DESIGN:User-friendly, compact, lightweight design

Compact, lightweight design

The U-5100 features a 38% smaller footprint, and a 52% reduction in weight compared with a previous model*1, which makes it easier to secure an adequate installation space.


EASY OPERATION: Performing at a Higher Level! The operation of the U-5100 is very easy minimizing the operator training time

The standard configuration of an automatic 6-cell turret makes performing measurements a breeze. As part of its standard configuration, the system is equipped with a 6-cell turret which accommodates up to six 10-mm rectangular cells.
The system can measure a maximum of six calibration solutions and sample solutions*3, which reduces measurement time.

*1 Hitachi Ratio Beam Spectrophotometer U-1900

*2 Measuerment time does not include the amount of time required by an operator to load a cell on a holder or a turret.

*3 Including samples for setting an auto zero (the operation of adjusting the absorbance to zero).



Optics Seya-Namioka mount monochromator, ratio beam
Wavelength range 190 to 1,100 nm
Spectral bandpass 5 nm
Light source Xenon(Xe) flash lamp
Display LED with backlight
120 mm × 90 m, 320dot × 240dot
Cell 6 cell turret(Automatic) (Single cell holder is optional)
Size (main unit) 355 (W) × 425 (D) × 235 (H) mm
Weight (main unit) 13 kg
Power supply/
Power consumption
100, 115, 220, 230 or 240 V, 50/60 Hz 60 VA

Example of application

Quantitation of hexavalent chromium

An example of quantitative analysis of hexavalent chromium by diphenylcarbazide absorptiometry is introduced here. As a result of creating a working curve within 0 to 0.8 µg/mL, a correlation coefficient of 0.9999 was obtained, proving an excellent calibration relationship.
Measuring wavelength: 540 nm
Concentration of standard solution: 0, 0.04, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 0.8 µg/mL



Auto sipper
(P/N 3J2-0105)
The system withdraws a sample from a test tube and can automatically measure it.
Single cell holder
(P/N 3J2-0110)
The system can measure square cells with a 10-mm optical path on a single-cell basis.
Rectangular long path cell holder
(P/N 3J2-0111)
The system can measure square cells with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100-mm optical paths on a single-cell basis. The use of cells with long optical paths allows the system to measure low-concentration samples at a high degree of sensitivity.
Micro quartz cell 10 mm
The system is well-suited for the measurement of micro-volume samples.
Black quartz micro cell 10 mm
Mask for micro cell
(P/N 200-1537)
This system is used with non-black-walled micro cells in the sample and reference position and to attenuate the reference beam when using self-masking micro cells in the sample position.

Introducing the measurement example using spectrophotometer (UV-Vis / NIR).

The basics of spectrophotometer, from "What can an ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer Do?" to "Structure of a spectrophotometer."

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