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The World Through an Electron Microscope

Hitachi High-Tech lends its Tabletop Microscopes to educational institutions
that provide advanced science education.
Here are some stories of those who have taken the first steps on the path to science
by coming into contact with a microscopic world that cannot be experienced in everyday life.

Latest Article


  • Part1

    Saitama Prefectural Kawagoe High School

    In 2017, headlines were made when an electron microscope was used to successfully capture an image of a horned tardigrade with a length of just 0.2 mm! We have asked a graduate and teacher who served as the biology club senior advisor to share their memories of that time.

  • Part2

    Okayama Prefectural Tamashima High School

    Awe at the beauty of mites seen through the electron microscope! We are joined by a graduate who was drawn into the world of mites and who continues to study them in university, as well as the professor who taught him at the time.

  • Part3

    Nagasaki Nishi High School

    Nagasaki Nishi High School has won numerous awards at national-level competitions. We talked to students who have been recognized for their research on hover flies, and the teachers who supervise them. We also have some comments from school alumni who achieved great things in their research during their time at the school.

  • Part4

    Tamano High School

    Doing research and presentations utilizing an electron microscope with teachers but beyond the framework of the school.We asked three graduates about their new selves, which they discovered through their experiences at school, and their future paths after graduation.

  • Part5

    Otsuma Ranzan Junior and Senior High School

    Electron microscopes are a catalyst for sparking interest in chemistry. We interviewed a current student who has received numerous awards for her research that started by aiming to create fuel cells that have less environmental impact, together with her teacher who provided guidance and support.

  • Part6

    Ehime University Senior High School

    We interviewed members of Plastic Girls, a research group that has won numerous awards for its work on solving microplastics problems using marine bacteria, and the teacher who supervises them about their daily challenges.

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