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  • Bringing the micro closer
Bringing the micro closer.We can discover new and exciting things about everyday objects like plants and living creatures by looking at them through a microscope.Take a look at the beautiful and mysterious microscopic world!
  • The Look-Alikes of the Nano World

    When we magnify various objects with an electron microscope, we can find shapes that look just like everyday items. Here, we'll meet the look-alikes of the nano world.
  • The Copycats Around Us

    Products inspired by the structure of plants and living organisms can be found all around us. In this episode, we take a look at the secret hiding under the lid of your yogurt pot.
  • Gather Round, Friends!

    Even sheets of paper that seem identical at first glance appear quite different depending on their use when magnified under an electron microscope. In this episode, we take a look at the paper-based friends around us.
  • Guess the Food

    What would you see if you took a microscopic look at various everyday foods? Here, we'll look at electron microscope images and guess the type of food out of three possible choices.
  • Learn about microscopic structures through puzzles

    We've taken pictures with an electron microscope and turned them into jigsaw puzzles.
    Piece together the puzzles and take a closer look at the microscopic structures.
    Maybe you'll discover something you've never seen before!
  • Plant Encyclopedia Notebook

    Let's think about the plant groups, called "families," and the shape of the pollen. What characteristics do they have? Complete the activity and take a look!
  • The Secrets of Insects' Legs

    What are the secret differences between different insects legs?
    Let's find out by using an electron microscope!
  • Tell Me More! Masks under the Microscope

    Masks can protect us from things which cause sickness and allegies.
    What can we find out about them by looking at them with an electron microscope?
    Lets consider why masks look the way the do at a micro-level.
  • Collect meteorites and unlock the mysteries of space!

    Many meteroites, hiding the mysteries of the universe, have fallen on the Earth.
    Let's collect hidden meteorites from around the world and compare the differences in shape and composition!
  • Let's Create a Mold Report!

    What kind of shapes can Mold be? Search for Mold’s friends nearby and make a Mold Report!
  • Take the Quiz! The Secrets of Insects' Mouths

    The insects around us eat all sorts of things, flower nectar, tree sap, smaller insects, etc. Try this quiz on insect types and the food they eat to discover the secrets of insects’ mouths.
  • How is soil formed?

    As the land circles around the earth, various kinds of soil are formed. We examine the features of soil with an electron microscope.
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