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Let's Create a Mold Report!

So What is Mold?

If you've ever seen food that's been accidentally left out for too long, you might have found there was mold growing on it!
Mold is actually related to the tasty mushrooms that we eat, and the yeast that we use to make bread (officially, they're all called "fungi").
There are lots of different types of fungi, and the fungi we can see growing on food is called "mold."
It is sometimes called "blue mold" or "black mold" depending on how it looks, but there are actually lots of molds that are a similar color. So even when we talk about "blue mold" or "black mold" because of their color, we are talking about more than just one type of mold.

What Kinds of Places Does Mold Live In?

Mold needs a combination of four things to grow: food, water, heat, and oxygen.
And food doesn't just mean the type of food we eat — mold also feeds on things like dust and plastic.
In a humid environment with something for the mold to feed on, mold can grow in a matter of days.

Let's look for places you think mold would like to live in.
Some of mold's friends and relatives might also be hiding there! Can you find them?

Click on a place you think mold would like to live in. If you discover any mold there, click the paperclip button to capture it.You can capture as many different types of mold as you like. Once you've captured the ones you want,click the "Create report" button to create your own mold report!

  • Person Person
  • Mushrooms Mushrooms
  • Bread Bread
  • Miso and soy sauce Miso and soy sauce
  • Citrus fruits Citrus fruits
  • <i>Natto</i> (a Japanese fermented soybean dish) <i>Natto</i> (a Japanese fermented soybean dish)
  • Wall Wall

Find and capture the mold!

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