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Things You Cannot Do with Churros

Things You Cannot Do with Churros
Crunchy and sweet, churros are a must-eat snack at the movies or an amusement park! The object pictured, which looks just like a churro, is actually something you would use after eating churros.


If you reduce the magnification, you can see that a number of bars shaped like churros are lined up.



If you zoom out further, you can see a lot of pointy sticks growing behind the churro-shaped bars.


Answer: Toothbrush

What looked like a tasty churro was actually a toothbrush. Multiple fibers are planted in bundles of dozens each, and the friction they generate removes plaque and other dirt from your mouth. These days, toothbrushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so take a look at your toothbrush to see what it's like!

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