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Plant-Based Pouty Lips

Plant-Based Pouty Lips
The image is in black and white, but you can clearly see the glossy appearance.
Whose lips might these be?
Based on the title, you may have guessed that they belong to a plant.
Let's go look for their mysterious owner!


Hold on a minute — if you decrease the magnification a little, you can see rows of similar pairs of lips.



Now you can see something that looks like a branch right in the middle.
Do you see how many pairs of lips there are in the corners?


Answer: The pores of a morning glory

What looked like a pair of human lips was the pore of a morning glory.
The pores open on sunny days when lots of photosynthesis is happening, allowing water to evaporate from the leaves and the roots to take in water and nutrients while the oxygen produced by photosynthesis is released. By the way, the pores are easily visible with just an optical microscope!

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