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Micro Bakery

Micro Bakery
The object in this image looks just like a Japanese "melonpan".
A sweet bread roll that's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside — you can almost smell the butter...But of course, it's not actually melonpan.
What do you think it might be? Let's find out!


Let's decrease the magnification a little.
Those oval objects are pulled pretty tightly together.



If you lower the magnification even more, you can see bushy hair all around.



If you lower the magnification further, the image starts to resemble the face of an insect.
There's something that looks like melonpan on the other side as well.


Answer: Lace bug compound eyes

What looked like a delicious melonpan was actually a "compound eye." Compound eyes are composed of a number of individual eyes, and are mostly found in insects (especially those that can fly).
On a side note, in addition to compound eyes grasshoppers and bees also have ocelli, which are a different kind of eye.

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