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Worldwide Parts Supply Service

Worldwide Parts Supply Service

Hitachi High-Tech products are used around the world. To support the reliability of equipment and systems as well as to propose the use of peripheral devices, we meet a wide variety of requests, such as those for the stable supply of parts and expendable supplies.

To ensure stable operation of equipment and systems purchased by customers, we use our cutting-edge logistics expertise to promptly, reliably provide parts and expendable supplies for equipment and systems to customers in countries and regions worldwide. We also offer methods to ensure optimal equipment utilization through the sale of related peripheral instruments. We meet customers' diverse needs.

Main Products

Service parts and consumables for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment,Medical Instruments,Analytical Instruments,Electron Microscopes which are manufactured by Hitachi High-Tech.

HPLC column

Main Services

  • Sale of parts and expendable supplies
    Customers can periodically purchase replacement parts and expendable supplies for Hitachi High-Tech equipment and systems from our dedicated website.
  • Sale of peripherals
    We propose the use of various types of peripheral devices that help improve the operational efficiency and equipment performance of electron microscopes and analytical equipment.

* The services offered may differ depending on the countries and regions.

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