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Thermal Analysis Software

This new Thermal Analysis Software features a guidance function to simplify various types of measurements based on standard methods and a new measurement mode that is very easy to use, even for beginners. New functions have been added to simplify instrument operation for users who new to thermal analysis, while existing capabilities have been preserved for experienced users.


  • Guidance Function (Standards-Based Guidance, Calibration Guidance)
  • Simple mode / Standard mode
  • Inserting picture - Editing picture
  • Touchscreen operation including plot scale adjustment
  • Customization options (Color palette for plots, save scale settings, hyper customization, data overlap settings)
  • Mobile station (Remote viewing and operation)
  • Additional functions

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Application Note

Introducing the applications of thermal analysis and viscoelastic equipment.


Describing the principles of thermal analysis and viscoelastic equipment.


Introducing the standards of thermal analysis and viscoelastic equipment.


Introducing the references and presentation documents regarding thermal analysis and viscoelasticity.

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