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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Advanced High Voltage CD-SEM CV5000 Series

Realize Overlay Measurements of Semiconductor Device Patterns Using Electron Beam

Advanced High Voltage CD-SEM*1 - CV5000 Series is capable of measuring High Aspect Ratio (HAR) trenches and contact holes, and to perform overlay measurements of device patterns to help customers increase productivity in semiconductor device manufacturing.

CD-SEM (Critical Dimension-Scanning Electron Microscope): A scanning electron microscope (SEM) for measuring the semiconductor circuit patterns on semiconductor wafers


Measurement and review of patterns in deep holes and trenches

  • High acceleration voltage and ability to select SE*2 or BSE*3 electrons based on emission angle and energy.

Device Pattern Overlay Measurements

  • CV5000 can perform e-beam based overlay measurements inside the chip utilizing high acceleration voltage

Common Platform with Existing CG Series

  • A proven platform that allows stable operation and provides low CoO*4
SE (Secondary Electron): An electron that is emitted from a material upon being irradiated by an electron beam.
BSE (Back Scattering Electron): A beam electron that is reflected backward.
CoO (Cost of Ownership): The total cost necessary for installation, operation and management of facilities, equipment, and other hardware.

Bottom CD measurement of deep holes

Overlay measurement between upper and lower layers through high acceleration of electron beam


Wafer size Φ300mm
Acceleration voltage of electron beam 30 kV (Maximum)
Measurement function Overlay measurement
Auto-loader 3 FOUP*5-compatible random access
Power supply Single-phase AC200 V, 208 V, 230 V, 12 kVA (50/60 Hz)
FOUP (Front-Opening Unified Pod): A standard front-opening cassette integrated transport and storage container used in semiconductor plants.

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