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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

We introduce you to plenty of data on analytical methods and their results using our Potentiometric Titrator.

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NO. Title
ME09 Quantification of lead ion (Pb2+)
ME08 Quantification of lanthanum (La3+)
ME07 Quantification of manganese ion (Mn2+)
ME06 Quantification of ferrous ion (Fe2+) and ferric ion (Fe3+) in steel plate washing solution
ME05 Quantification of ferric ion (Fe3+) when chromic anhydride is contained
ME04 Quantification of Ni2+ in mixed solution of Ni2+ and Cu2+
ME03 Quantification of fluorine, bromine and chlorine in solder flux
ME02 Quantification of trace chlorine ion (Cl-) in copper sulfate solution
ME01 Quantification of zinc ion (Zn2+)

Food and Beverage

NO. Title
FB08 Measurement of saponification value in edible oil
FB07 Measurement of iodine number in edible oil
FB06 Measurement of acid value of edible oil
FB05 Successive measurement of amino nitrogen and acid (citric acid) in grapefruit juice
FB04 Successive measurement of citric acid and vitamin C in refreshing drinks
FB03 Titration of citric acid in plum (Japanese apricot) juice
FB02 Successive titration of acid and salt in dressings
FB01 Measurement of salt in soy sauce


NO. Title
PH18 Measurement of pKa for medical products
PH17 Quantification of chlorine in bethanechol chloride
PH16 Quantification of iothalamic acid by precipitation titration
PH15 Quantification of sodium chloride in peritoneal dialytic fluid
PH14 Quantification of sodium edentate (EDTAï½¥2Na) in preparations
PH13 Quantification of calcium and magnesium in dialytic fluid and transfusion
PH12 Measurement of sulfamethizole purity by diazotization titration
PH11 Measurement of sodium sulfisozole purity by diazotization titration
PH10 Measurement of 3-amino-N-methylbenzamid (AMB) purity by diazotization titration
PH09 Evaluation of titer of sodium nitrite titrant with sulfamic acid
PH08 Measurement of pantethine purity
PH07 Quantification of iodine in mouth wash
PH06 Measurement of cetraxate hydrochloride purity
PH05 Measurement of hymecromone purity
PH04 Quantification of bethanechol chloride by perchloric acid titration
PH03 Quantification of carteolol hydrochloride with perchloric acid titration
PH02 Quantification of sodium acetate by erchloric acid titration
PH01 Quantification of methylbenactyzium bromide by perchloric acid titration


NO. Title
EN05 Measurement of alkalinity of mineral water
EN04 Measurement of residual chlorine in running water
EN03 Titration of calcium hardness in drinking water
EN02 Measurement of total hardness of drinking water
EN01 Quantification of chlorine ion in drinking water


NO. Title
PL08 Quantification of hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid in etching solution
PL07 Quantification of zinc (Zn2+) in zinc plating solution
PL06 Quantification of tin (Sn2+) in solder plating solution
PL05 Quantification of lead in solder plating solution
PL04 Quantification of chromic anhydride (CrO3) and trivalent chromium (Cr3+) in chrome plating solution
PL03 Quantification of nickel chloride (NiCl2) in nickel plating solution
PL02 Quantification of copper and sodium cyanide in copper cyanide plating solution
PL01 Quantification of silver and free cyanides in silver cyanide plating solution


NO. Title
EL08 Quantification of remover in photoresist remover solution
EL07 Quantification of free acid in lead frame treatment solution for IC
EL06 Quantification of oxalic acid in lead frame treatment solution for IC
EL05 Quantification of H2O2 in silicon wafer abrasive solution
EL04 Measurement of acid value in transformer oil
EL03 Quantification of trace chlorine ion in freezer lubricant
EL02 Quantification of trace chlorine ion in SiO2 (silicon dioxide)
EL01 Quantification of trace chlorine ion in IC molding resin

Paper and Pulp

NO. Title
PA10 Quantification of chlorine dioxide in pulp bleaching solution
PA09 Quantification of NaOH, Na2S and Na2CO3 in pulp cooking solution
PA08 Quantification of sodium oxide (Na2S) and silicic acid (SiO2) in sodium silicate
PA07 Measurement of sodium chlorate (NaClO3) purity
PA06 Quantification of sodium chloride in sodium hypochlorite
PA05 Quantification of residual alkali in sodium hypochlorite
PA04 Quantification of available chlorine in sodium hypochlorite
PA03 Quantification of trace chlorine ion in sodium hydroxide
PA02 Fractionation quantification of mixture of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3)
PA01 Measurement of sodium hydroxide purity

Inorganic Acid

NO. Title
IN09 Successive quantification of cyanide and cyanic acid in metal treatment salt
IN08 Quantification of boric acid in plating solution
IN07 Fractionation quantification of mixture of 3 components; nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and acetic acid
IN06 Fractionation quantification of nitric acid andacetic acid
IN05 Fractionation quantification of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid
IN04 Fractionation quantification of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid
IN03 Fractionation quantification of hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid
IN02 Measurement of phosphoric acid purity
IN01 Measurement of sulfuric acid purity

Organic Acid

NO. Title
OR09 Fractionation quantification of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide
OR08 Fractionation quantification of ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate
OR07 Fractionation quantification of acetic acid and ammonium acetate
OR06 Quantification of phthalic acid
OR05 Quantification of oxalic acid
OR04 Quantification of lactic acid
OR03 Quantification of citric acid
OR02 Quantification of formic acid
OR01 Measurement of acrylic acid purity

Petroleum Products

NO. Title
PE10 Measurement of bromine index in aromatic compounds
PE09 Measurement of bromine value in nonene
PE08 Quantification of chlorides in freezer oils
PE07 Measurement of reserve alkalinity in antifreeze
PE06 Measurement of total acid value in turbine oils
PE05 Measurement of total acid value in freezer oils
PE04 Measurement of total acid value in transformer oils
PE03 Measurement of total base value in lubricants (perchloric acid method)
PE02 Measurement of total base value in lubricants(hydrochloric acid method)
PE01 Measurement of total acid value in lubricants

Plating Solution

NO. Title
PLS01 Plating Solution application data for COM series