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Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc.


Congratulations on your purchase of a Silicon Drift Detector from Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. Your detector should give you years of trouble-free operation.

However, should the detector fail in normal use, this Warranty or Extended Warranty offers you full protection for 13 months or a period up to an additional 24 months from the date the Manufacturers original warranty expires, if purchased separately, for a pre-determined cost.

Certain Models may be Excluded (e.g. ME4 and N2F series).

Please keep this in a safe place and refer to the instructions below before returning your unit for repair or service.


Vortex Silicon Drift Detectors from Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. carry a standard 13 month original manufacturer’s Warranty with an optional 2 year extended warranty to be free from defects in manufacture. If your Vortex Silicon Drift Detector fails to operate during normal use within this extended warranty Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. will repair or replace the unit at its discretion. Your Extended Warranty covers the cost of any needed repairs to, or replacement of, your unit for two years beyond the original 13 months, under normal usage, for a total covered period of thirty seven months from first purchase.

‘Normal Usage’ means when correctly installed maintained and protected from deliberate or accidental catastrophic damage. Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. will keep your product information on file, including details of the unit you have purchased. Blown or damaged windows excluded.

Obtaining Service under your Standard or Extended Warranty.

Whether or not your detector requires servicing inside the Manufacturers’ warranty period, you must first contact Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. with symptoms, serial number and full details of system to authorize and arrange for return of the unit. You may call toll-free 818-280-0745, or you may Email us,

When you receive authorization (RMA #) for repairs, and or service you may ship it to us (see below) for evaluation and repair.

Please reference you’re Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, and include a short written description of the problem or malfunction.

If under Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. original manufacturer’s warranty or the optional 2 year extended warranty, we will repair or replace your unit, at our discretion, at no additional charge to you.Blown or damaged windows excluded.

Furthermore, Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. honors its warranty, globally.

Special Exclusions

This Extended Warranty covers your unit under normal operation in all normal circumstances. It does not cover malicious or catastrophic damage due to conditions beyond our control, such as damage due to improper installation; failure to follow manufacturer’s recommendations for proper power supply & installation; improper electrical supply or power surge; dropped product; theft, abuse, misuse, vandalism, fire, or natural disaster such as hurricane or flood. If your warranted product is found to have failed due to any of these excluded conditions, we will notify you of the cost to repair or replace the unit.

This Extended Warranty applies to all qualified returns globally.

Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. reserves the right to change the language of the warranty at any time.

Questions should be addressed by Email: or by calling us toll free:  818-280-0745

Inspection & Acceptance

 Purchaser shall inspect all products immediately upon delivery and shall, within seven (7) calendar days, give written notice to the common carrier and Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc of any claim for damages or shortages.  Purchaser shall give written notice to Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. within thirty (30) calendar days of delivery in the event that any products do not conform with or meet Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. product specifications.  If Purchaser gives the aforementioned thirty day notice, then at Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. option it may at its own expense either repair the product at Purchaser’s facility, or require Purchaser to freight prepaid, promptly return the defective products to Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc will at its option either repair or replace the properly rejected products that are returned back to Purchaser, or credit Purchaser for any products so returned, but will have no other liability in respect thereof.  Hitachi High-Tech Science America, Inc. shall not be liable to Purchaser for amounts representing loss of profits, loss of business or indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages of Purchaser. If Purchaser fails to give any such notice, the products shall be deemed accepted for all purposes.