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Hitachi High-Tech in Indonesia
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EMCP Etch Chamber

Hitachi High-Tech features EMCP(Electro Magnetically Coupled Plasma) as an unique solution with integrated cleaning technology for non-volatile material etch.
It offers highly productive etch of non-volatile materials used for next generation memories and thin film heads for HDD(Hard Disk Drive).


  • Wafer Size
    HDD:150mm, 200mm
    Si:200mm, 300mm
  • EMCP Plasma source
  • Dual Inductive Coils for plasma uniformity control
  • In situ cleaning
  • Non-volatile materials etch capability
    Al2O3, Ni-alloys, Cr-alloys, Fe-alloys, Ta, Ir, Mn, Pt-Alloys, Au, PZT, SBT, and others.
In-situ cleaning result


  • Next generation Memory (FeRAM, MRAM, ReRAM) Cells
  • HDD Head

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