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HIRANUMA Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator AQV-300

HIRANUMA Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator AQV-300

On a tight budget and looking for a reliable, easy-to-use volumetric Karl Fischer titrator?
Then look no further than the AQUACOUNTER AQV-300. State-of-the-art performance features let you measure moisture content from low to high concentrations quickly and accurately.
Measurements are simple and routine with unsurpassed precision.



  • All components are integrated in a small footprint of 31 cm (W) × 27 cm (D).
  • Saves valuable bench space.


  • A wide variety of titrants and solvents can be used.
  • Accommodates samples with different matrices, moisture concentration.


  • 4 user defined methods can be stored in memory and easily recalled according to samples.
  • Up to 20 results can be stored with statistics calculation.
  • Wide range detection from 100 ppm to 100%.


  • Equipped with two RS-232C ports for balance and computer connection.
  • Standard package includes AQUANet data download software, instruction movie, application guidebook and more.


Item Description
Titration method Volumetric Karl Fischer titration
Titration control method Intermittent titrant addition while approaching the end point.
End point detection AC polarization potential difference detection.
Buret Number of burets: 1, Capacity: 10 mL
Accuracy: within +/-0.15% (for full discharge, n=5)
Reproducibility: +/-0.01 mL (for full discharge, standard deviation for n=5)
Measuring range 0.1 mgH2O - 500 mgH2O (10 ppm - 100%)
Minimum volume of addition 0.005 mL
Titration cell capacity 150 mL
(Minimum volume of consumption: About 30 mL)
Display 16-Digit x 2-Line LCD with backlighting
Display unit mL (min. display: 0.001mL), mgH2, %, ppm
Calculation function Concentration calculation, Factor standardization, Statistics calculation, recalculation
File function 4 files for titration parameters
Memory data capacity 20 data
Printers Optional impact printer; PR-302B(CBM-910-40PF)
External input / output RS-232C; 2 ports
Port 1 (BALANCE):Data input from balance or data input.
Port 2 (HOST):Command instructions from host computer.
Power supply / Power consumption AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 VA
Dimensions / Weight 310(W) x 270(D) x 300(H)mm
Approx. 6 kg


Model Description
Dot Impact Printer PR-302B Paper width: 58mm
Solid Evaporator EV-2000
(For solid/powder samples)
EV-2000 vaporizes water of a solid / powder sample by heating. Ideal for "the solid / powder sample that it is difficult to measure it directly".
*Operation key-pad is necessary for use.
Oil Evaporator EV-2000L
(For Oil, Paint and other liquid samples)
Utilizing azeotropic distillation, EV-2000L separates moisture from sample matrices and introduces into the titration cell.
Interference form sample matrix is minimized and titration time is shortened.

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