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Ultrahigh-Resolution Schottky Scanning Electron Microscope SU8700

Ultrahigh-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU8600

The SU8700 brings in a new era of ultrahigh-resolution Schottky field emission scanning electron microscopes to the long-standing Hitachi EM lineup. This revolutionary FE-SEM platform incorporates multifaceted imaging, high probe current, automation, efficient workflows for users of all experience levels, and more.

* The device photograph shows configuration with optional items.


Ultrahigh-Resolution and Analytical Capability

Hitachi’s Schottky emitter provides ultrahigh-resolution images and ultrafast microanalysis with high probe current.
Its 0.1kV imaging capability without stage bias expands the application range for beam-sensitive specimens.
A multitude of detectors and options are available to best suit the needs of any user.


Enhanced User Experience with Advanced Automation

The “EM Flow Creator“ software option allows users to configure repeatable SEM operation sequences.
Various SEM functions can be assembled in the EM Flow Creator’s window by a drag-and-drop method and then saved as a recipe for later use.
Once a recipe is configured, automated data collection under the set conditions can be performed with high accuracy and repeatability.


New Display and Interface Features

Dual monitor configuration supports a flexible and highly efficient workspace.
Display and save 6 signals simultaneously in order to acquire more information in less time.
Acquire up to 40,960 x 30,720 pixels of high-resolution information.*

Large FOV + High Pixel Resolution

Ultrathin section BSE images of Rat Cerebral Cortex

specimen courtesy of Dr. Yoshiyuki Kubota , Section of Electron Microscopy, National
Institute for Physiological Sciences

Top-left image was acquired with >120 μm of FOV. The yellow rectangle field in the image is also shown in right image with an increase of digital magnification.
Even after digitally enhancing the original image more than 20 times, the structures of organelle were clearly visible and high quality was maintained.
High-resolution images up to 40,960 x 30,720 pixels are available (*) on SU8700 and SU8600.


Electron Optics Secondary Electron Image resolution 0.6 nm@15 kV
0.8 nm@1 kV
0.9 nm@0.3 kV
Magnification 20 to 2,000,000 x
Electron Gun Schottky Emitter
Accelerating Voltage 0.1 to 30 kV
Landing Voltage(*1)(*3) 0.01 to 7 kV
Probe Current Max. 200 nA
Detectors Standard Detectors Upper Detector (UD)
Lower Detector (LD)
Option Detectors Middle Detector (MD)
Semiconductor Type BSED (PD-BSED)
Ultra Variable-Pressure Detector (UVD)
STEM Detector
Optional Accessories(*2) Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (EDS)
Electron Backscattered Diffraction Detector (EBSD)
Variable Pressure mode(*3) Vacuum Range 5~300 Pa
Specimen Stage Stage Control 5-axis Motor Drive
Movable Range  
 X 0 to 110 mm
 Y 0 to 110 mm
 Z 1.5 to 40 mm
 T -5 to 70°
 R 360°
Specimen Chamber Specimen Size Max. φ150 mm(*4)

(*1) with deceleration mode

(*2) Mountable Detectors

(*3) Option

(*4) please contact for information on larger sizes

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