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Innovative scanning probe microscopy (SPM) products offering extraordinary levels of performance, value, and ease-of-use for a wide range of application from surface topography to a wide variety of nanoscale surface property measurements


Multifunctional Probe Microscopy Platform AFM100 series

The AFM100 Series is Hitachi’s next generation probe microscopy platform. The AFM100 Plus and AFM100 systems that make up this series have been designed to expand the capabilities and performance of atomic force microscopy, while providing an easy-to-use platform suitable for users of all experience levels. Experience the finest reliability and innovation with the AFM100 Series.


Environment Control Unit AFM5300E

The Hitachi research-grade AFM5300E offers significantly improved sensitivity, accuracy, and resolution of electromagnetic property measurements operated under high-vacuum conditions. Furthermore, it establishes a benchmark for comprehensive environmental control and is the only tool on the market affording AFM imaging in air/liquid/vacuum, a broad temperature range (-120 °C to 800 °C), magnetic field or humidity controls, as well as correlated AFM/SEM/ion milling investigations.

Scanning Probe Microscopy System AFM5500M

Atomic Force Microscope AFM5500M

The AFM5500M is a SPM platform equipped with a fully addressable 4-inch stage, optimized for medium-sized samples.