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Be a leader in the
lithium-ion battery market with
Hitachi High-Tech as your partner.


Today’s world demands that lithium-ion batteries constantly improve in performance as power sources for various devices such as smartphones, laptops, and electric and hybrid vehicles. Hitachi High-Tech is a unique state-of-the-art technology company with two functions as a manufacturer and a trading company. We can provide cutting-edge solutions for lithium-ion batteries in all aspects of the value chain from R&D to manufacturing and quality control. Hitachi High-Tech has also begun to actively develop and manufacture solutions for all-solid-state batteries, which shows promise as next-generation rechargeable batteries.Be a leader in the lithium-ion battery market with Hitachi High-Tech as your partner.

Hitachi High-Tech as a manufacturer

Hitachi High-Tech as a manufacturer

With technologies to “See," “Measure," and “Analyze,” we are realizing new innovations in various industrial fields. In the lithium-ion battery market, we provide ultra-high-performance electron microscopes and various analyzers for inspection and measurement equipment as a manufacturer.

Hitachi High-Tech as a trading company

The Hitachi High-Tech Group and its affiliated companies provide various devices for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. We also provide one-stop services, such as evaluations and analysis at a global level.



R&D Solutions

We provide electron microscopes, analyzers, and materials for research and development of lithium-ion batteries.

As a manufacturer that supports cutting-edge fields, Hitachi High-Tech offers a lineup of electron microscopes and analyzers that meet all customer needs, from ultra-high performance models to models that do not require special skills to operate. As a trading company, we provide the materials necessary for lithium-ion batteries.

R&D Solutions

Electron microscopes/analysis equipment

From desktop electron microscopes that can be easily and quickly used for quality control at manufacturing sites, to high-performance electron microscopes that meet the needs of R&D departments. Analyzers that enable analysis in all process while linking with observations. Hitachi High-Tech offers an end-to-end lineup of electron microscopes and analyzers that meet the needs of R&D, manufacturing, and quality control for lithium-ion batteries. We also meet a range of nano-order observation and analysis needs, including high-precision observations and failure analysis to realize high-capacity, high-output, and long-life lithium-ion batteries, as well as offering environmental surveys at manufacturing sites.

Cathode/anode/conductive agent/binder

  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Transmission electron microscopes
  • Focused ion beam systems
  • Ion milling systems
  • Atomic force microscopes
  • Thermal analyzers
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometers


  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Thermal analyzers
  • Ion milling systems


  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometers


Hitachi High-Tech also offers facilities for lithium-ion battery manufacturing processes.

In cooperation with our group and affiliated companies, we offer total integrated solutions for lithium-ion battery manufacturing. We also provide quality control consultation in cooperation with our contracted inspection partners.


Manufacturing equipment

  • Coater-Dryer
  • Calendaring Machine
  • Electrode Stacking Machine
  • NMP Recovery System
  • Dry Room / Dehumidifier

X-ray inspection system

Inspection of buried metal particles in opaque products such as electrode plates that cannot be detected with visible light is possible. We offer inspection systems that meet the inspection width and line speed requirements, etc. In combination with the EA8000A X-ray foreign material analyzer, efficient inspection and analysis can be performed.

Quality management

We also contribute to solve the key issues related to lithium-ion batteries: "Quality" and "Yield."

We offer a lineup of electron microscopes that are optimal for quality control, from scanning electron microscopes that support large samples to desktop electron microscopes. Our EA8000A X-ray particle contaminant analyzer has the world's highest level of foreign object detection capability for detecting and analyzing foreign object in lithium-ion batteries with high throughput. We also offer one-stop services for evaluation and analysis of lithium-ion batteries in cooperation with our contracted measurement service company Japan Testing Laboratories, Inc. (JTL).

Quality management

Metal Contaminant Inspection

We support building a production system that can reliably provide safe and secure lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Hitachi High-Tech offers a metal particle contaminant analyzer that detects and analyzes metal metal particle contaminants with high throughput as well as an in-line metal particle contaminant inspection system that realizes 100% inspection in production processes. We support building a production system that can reliably provide safe and secure lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Metal particle contaminant solution

Lifecycle management

Towards a comprehensive data management service based on the residual value analysis and management of lithium-ion batteries

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation has developed a method of Diagnostics of Battery Degradation that instantly evaluates the performance degradation and remaining life of lithium-ion batteries during or after use.
By introducing the evaluation method into each process of the production, use, and recycling of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, it can be used as a new data management platform for functions including the “monitoring of individual battery usage status,” the “clarification of remaining performance evaluation at the recycling/reuse phases,” and “visualization of supply-and-demand balance and market value forecasts for battery reuse/refurbish.”

Life cycle management solution
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