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Multi Spin Processor (MSP-2)

Multi Spin Processor (MSP-2)

Multi spin processor is suitable for mass production and Multi complex process.




  • Wide processing by various unit combination
  • Accurate wet process by single wafer processing
  • Can respond to process changes and the like in a short period of time by each unit exchange, modify (by the device configuration)
  • Your request to the combined full custom rooms available
  • Si wafer, glass substrate, compound wafer and so on is applied.
  • Round wafer and square wafer is applied
  • Processing configuration layout along your request be constructed
  • Inorganic acid inorganic alkali organic acid organic alkali function water can be use
  • Possible to save costs associated with a chemical solution recycling (by the processing work)
  • Brush scrub,ultrasonic cleaning,FOUP,SMIF and underwater loader is available.
  • You can choose many options for example chemical supply system.

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