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Enables 100% inspection in lithium-ion battery production processes.

X-ray In-line foreign matter inspection system

Hitachi High-Tech can inspect buried metal foreign matter in opaque products such as electrode plates that cannot be detected with visible light. We offer inspection systems tailored to the inspection width and line speed. Efficient inspection and analysis are carried out in combination with X-ray particle contaminant analyzer EA8000A.

In-line installation image

Detects 50 μm or larger iron foreign matters with a line speed of 50 n/min and an inspection width of 300 mm (3 unit configuration)

In-line installation image

Installation types

Not only in-line installation in which the system is incorporated into a production line but also near-line installation in which an inspection line is placed in parallel is possible. The near-line installation does not require a change in the current production line.


Foreign matter detection example (separator)

Feed speed: 50 n/min
送り速度:50  m/min
Feed speed: 100 n/min
送り速度:100 m/min
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