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Photomask Repair System MR8000

Photomask Repair System MR8000

This FPD photomask defect repair system uses focused ion beam (FIB) technology and supports large scale photomasks.
A rotation mechanism inside the chamber minimizes an installation area.


  1. Supports large flat panel dispray masks
    Can take large photomasks up to a maximum size of 1400×1600 mm.
  2. Can deposit high adhesion film Can form film
    with adhesion strength comparable to Cr film on the mask using a special gas.
  3. Can repair gray tone masks
    FIB carbon deposition function allows repair of clear defects in gray-tone masks that use half-tone films.


Mask sizes Max: 1400×1600 mm
Min: 6-inch
Max thickness: 15 mm
Min thickness: 5 mm
Repair accuracy 50 nm@3σ
Clear defect repair method FIB carbon deposition
Opaque defect repair method Gas-assisted etching

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