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Transmission Electron Microscope HT7800 Series

Transmission Electron Microscope HT7800 Series

The NEXT Generation of Innovation. Meeting and Exceeding Needs and Requirements in Many Fields.

From biomedicine to nanomaterials

The HT7800 RuliTEM is a 120 kV transmission electron microscope (TEM) with multiple lens configurations, including a standard lens for unsurpassed high contrast and a class-leading HR lens for high resolution.
This breakthrough in advanced innovative design allows for highly efficient workflows and many specialized applications. It represents the cutting-edge solution for modern TEM analyses.

(Left image: Optional accessories included, the screen shows embedded TEM GUI)


  • Hitachi's Dual-Mode objective lens supports easy observation under low magnification, wide-field high contrast, high resolution, and more—all in one microscope.
  • Normal room light operation and automated functions allow both novice and experienced operators to use the system effectively.
  • Advanced stage-navigation function enables whole-grid searching and efficient image acquisition.
  • Automated image stitching, 3D tomography, STEM, EDX, in-situ, and other options available for a broad range of applications.

Operation under normal room light using HD screen camera

Digital functionality from beam adjustments to observation and more

Screen camera
Screen camera
Main camera
Main camera

New image navigation design for intuitive field searching

Ability to specify ROI in low-mag image and easily capture at desired magnification

Specimen: Mouse kidney; Instrument: HT7800; Accelerating voltage: 80 kV; Direct magnification: ×2,000
Specimen: Mouse kidney
Instrument: HT7800
Accelerating voltage: 80 kV
Direct magnification: ×2,000

Additional functions and optional accessories

Automated Multi-frame Panoramic function, Drift Correction, Auto Pre-Irradiation, STEM, EDX, various Specimen Holders, and Electron Beam Tomography are available for a wide variety of analysis needs.

"RuliTEM" based on the Revolution of Ultimate Luxury Imaging by Hitachi HT7800 TEM
Taking transmission electron microscopy to new heights of luxury and performance


  HT7800 HT7820 HT7830
Electron gun W, LaB6
Accelerating voltage 20 - 120 kV (100 V/step variable)
Resolution (Lattice) 0.20 nm
(Off-axis, 100 kV)
0.14 nm
(Off-axis, 120 kV)
0.14 nm
(Off-axis, 120 kV)
0.19 nm
(On-axis, 120 kV)
Maximum magnification x600,000 x800,000 x1,000,000
Stage maximum tilt angle ±70° ±30° ±10°
Standard features Auto focus, Microtrace, Autodrive, Live FFT display, Measurement function, Low dose, API (auto pre-irradiation), Image navigation function, Column with mild baking function, Whole view function, Drift correction function etc.

This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments.

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