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X-ray (XRF) Coating Thickness Gauge FT160 Series


Equipped with polycapillary X-ray focusing optics and a silicon drift detector, FT160 enables high preciseness and high throughput in nano-order level coating thickness measurement of electronic parts.


Polycapillary X-ray focusing optics

Accomplishing highly precise measurement by irradiate high-luminance primary x-ray to the area of about 30 μmφ.

Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) as detection system

High count rate silicon drift detector enables highly precise measurement.

Automatic measurement assistant function

Precise multi-point automatic measurement function helps high efficiencies of the measurement.

Easy operation enabled with simple interface and help function of the software

Daily routine measurements can be conducted easily by using registered application-like recipe.


Safety-conscious instrument design

Adoption of closed housing greatly minimizes the risk of x-ray leakage.
Wide door design improves visibility of the sample and operability of the instrument.



X-ray source Standard High-energy Standard High-energy Standard High-energy
Mo W Mo W Mo W
Elements Atomic No. 13(Al) to 92(U)
Sample stage (mm) 300(W) × 245(D) 420(W) × 320(D) 620(W) × 620(D)
Maximum sample size (mm) 300(X) × 245(Y) × 80(Z) 400(X) × 300(Y) × 100(Z) 600(X) × 600(Y) × 20(Z)

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