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Multivariate analysis software 3D SpectAlyze


3D SpectAlyze is a multivariate analysis software specialized for various analytical data including fluorescent fingerprint


Available for various multivariate analysis

Various multivariate analysis such as grouping samples, creating discriminant model expressions, discriminant of unknown samples using model equations, peak separation, etc. can be performed easily with simple operation.

Data preprocessing

Data preprocessing (deletion of unnecessary area/deletion of scattered light) while reading the imported image data is possible.

Simple user interface

Even for users who are new to multivariate analysis, it is possible to perform data acquisition and analysis results display easily with the simple screen operation.

Supporting multiple types of analysis data

Data obtained from Hitachi's analysis equipments such as spectrofluorometers, liquid chromatographs, mass spectrum is supported

Available for CSV Data import

It is possible to read CSV format exported from other analysis softwares, spreadsheet softwares etc.

Save image data

The imported image data as well as the graph of the statistical analysis result can be saved as an image file (PNG / JPEG / PDF).

Major functions

Preprocessing function

Delete scattered light/ Specify analysis range/ Center data/
Select data/ Specify variables of analysis/ Group Data

Graph display function

Heat Map/ Contour Map/ Bird's Eye View/
Color tone change/ Data multiple display/ Transposition of axes

Statistical analysis function

Principal component analysis/ PLS regression analysis/
PLS discriminant analysis/ PARAFAC analysis / LASSO regression analysis/ Hierarchical clustering

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