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The OhmX for SV Analysis Grant Program



The submission window is now open for the OhmX for SV Analysis Grant Program. Learn about the program and apply for the grant to have access to electronic genome mapping.

What is electronic genome mapping and the OhmX platform?

Electronic genome mapping (EGM), pioneered by Nabsys, refers to the method of using solid-state nanodetectors to survey long DNA molecules for the purpose of constructing high-density maps with long-range genomic information to detect SVs. This high-density information makes it possible to identify both balanced and unbalanced SVs as small as 300 base pairs, in addition to larger chromosomal aberrations and genetic variation missed by next-generation sequencing. EGM involves simple, intuitive workflows eliminating the need for cytogenetics technical expertise, while delivering on the promise of easy-to-use, accurate, low cost, whole-genome SV analysis.


The OhmX platform is Nabsys’ end-to-end, whole-genome mapping solution leveraging state-of-the-art electronic nanochannel detectors to scan labeled high molecular weight DNA and perform de novo genome assembly for SV analysis with Human Chromosome Explorer™ (HCE).
This video explains how the OhmX platform and HCE work together to provide easy, cost-effective, high-resolution structural variation analysis.

What is the OhmX for SV Analysis RAMP UP Grant?

Hitachi High-Tech America (HTA), in conjunction with Nabsys, announced a strategic leap forward in genomics research through the RAMP UP program. RAMP UP — Rapid Application to Market Penetration User Partnerships — aims to propel cutting-edge EGM technology into the hands of researchers for unparalleled, whole-genome SV analysis. HTA initiated the inaugural OhmX for SV Analysis RAMP UP Grant program to accelerate application development and access to the novel platform.


How do I apply?

Using 350 words or fewer, submit a proposal for a genomics research project that is relevant to human structural variant analysis. Tell us how you will accelerate your science with a grant of electronic genome mapping services that include:

  • Up to (3) OhmX Analyzer(s) through an instrument consignment for up to two year
  • Platform training and support
  • Starter kit with consumables for (8) samples (Grant recipients are responsible for purchasing consumables for the research.)
  • Bioinformatics support 

Application dates are rolling beginning on May 21, 2024. Please read the official rules and contact us with any questions prior to submitting your application.

* This program is limited to United States residents only. For detailed rules and restrictions, please refer to the official rules.

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